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Argonne khairnar i met where you oh well i'm an earned delray now i'm dreading on the drive back home to riverside i was stuck in the accident right around the time that it happen how many hours oh well i was about a mile away from the accident i could see the flames coming off the truck when it will happen and it took me three hours taking it to the other side of the bridge is said which is less than a mile yeah yeah yeah while unbelievable ma i'm also a truck driver i uh what are you all have my oh i was uh holding chips today for ma el paso to los angeles i'm sorry but potato chip old ships okay all right i thought you i thought that word began with a t and i was gonna ask you to explain what that was all golf at the it was a mass and it i'll tell you one thing and you go back into that truck and boc and break open a box of them oh i've already delivered at i'm i'm getting ready to go home alkai but if you're stuck in that traffic they you worked for fritolay no no i other this throw are delivering an import who wa from uh from next dakota to la how i see okay you know highly start to like you guys and the guy drives the beer trucker in good shape because if you ever do get caught one of those accidents you know you can open up the sidon popular self behind again and i'm cub baggage chips and just a enjoy yourself i also was wondering if a guy driving a beer truck ever gets pulled over for a dui does the highway patrol stack all those beers on top of the truck like they would if you were just driving around and cardio wounding lou as a long time man power live on kfi more now with ben president trump is going to florida beat with people heard in the schools who.

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