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Eight. Mackey. Weather is five. Arson is 93.1 kfbk right now. Sunshine 100 degrees in Sacramento. Dana has news 93.1 Km Cat. Next update in less than 30 minutes, breaking news the second It happened on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Uh, on the air online from New York City border to border and coast to coast. You're connected with Tom Sullivan. Yes, you are. And, uh, I guess it's a summer Friday. We're talking about the government. Those who you are and knows if you've been vaccinated and they're going to come get you, Um Mean looking, Theo calls As he's a nurse and all that. I mean, fine if nobody's gonna, Why are people getting so worked up about? Vaccine. Or or a mask A mask could become a big political thing. If you want to wear mask, wear a mask. I think it looks kind of silly when you're driving by yourself, but it makes you feel better. Okay? Who am I to tell you what to wear? But But have I got a recommendation for you? On. Are you into Fine art. Are you, uh, Are you into? Um, going to art auctions. Do you have, um Well, because if so, bunky You may be in luck because Hunter Biden is going to be His art is going to be sold. And let me Where did I put my Hunter Biden story. Is Apparently in his free time. He has been working on some art now. I can't blame the guy. People said that he had no um, background in energy. And yet he got Well, I don't know if the numbers were all over the map 50,000 month to sit on the board of directors of an energy company in Ukraine, and that was a big ruckus about that, but it got swept under the carpet. Nobody wanted to really look into that. So now we've got You didn't have any background in that, but he made a he made a fortune. He did not have a background in the investment business. But he got massive account opening from China. Fascinating How a guy with no experience is able to do that. So he took a page from his life experience and said, I don't have any Experience in art. I don't. I've never done art in my life. But I'm going to do some art and we're going to sell the art. And said, Well, they're thinking that the price of of Hunter Biden's art Making a big deal. About the fact that it it will sell for $500,000. He has a number of pieces. But I want to let you know there's that's that's over doing it. I mean, that's just biased reporting because why you could pick up A piece of art done by Hunter Biden. Without any art background for I mean only $75,000 that they're thinking about starting the prices at 75,000 going up to 500,000. Now these are I must admit these are just the starting prices. So Has he had any training in art? Um No. Has he been creating masterpieces in the past the no. So He's got some paintings. And I don't know how much they're going to actually go for because that's the beauty of art. There is no market price. It's all in the eye of the beholder. So What was the story I saw yesterday that said, either The Bidens think that we are really stupid. Could not be able to see That this is a perfect opportunity for somebody that's trying to sell influence and an appointment with Daddy. Has yet another scheme that he's come up with and that people aren't buying the art for the sake of art. People will be buying his art so they can get an introduction to and meet and Bend the president's here. So they must think that we're stupid enough to where we don't have figured that. Connect those dots. Or If it's not us, that's stupid. It's Hunter Biden is stupid. And Joe Biden. Even allow something like this to happen. Now. Adult Children. By the way, he's not a child. He is 51 years of age. Yes, Time flies. He's now 51. And of course, the Children of presidents have a right to earn a living. And yes, before you call up and yell about. Well, what about Ivana? Ivanka Trump? And what about Jared? And I didn't like that either. Nepotism is not a good thing. And Yeah, they were saying, you know, they got a paycheck from us. I guess I'm not sure how the financial arrangement was, but Ivanka and Jared Um, we're involved with the White House and I didn't like it. But At least they stood up and said, Yes, I am part of the White House staff, and this is what I am. And I'm a staffer. And as I get paid to be a staffer, and so it's all it Kind of above board compared to this pretending that somebody will buy his art. Or 500,000 starting price. Saw this article in Yahoo news saying, you know If you're a real art lover, and you want to have Hunter Biden original art piece. You might just wait. Until Dad leaves office because you'll probably get a substantial discount on the $500,000 painting. You might get it for, like five bucks. So don't come rushing to the art auction yet. Do you feel what's going on here is this Here. Is there anything here that that doesn't Stand off the stink. Zero M. Stink. Zero M. Bell is ringing as loud as it's ever wrong before. So Katie Pavlich again. She talking about this today, she said the hunter Biden is used the family name and this is just the very latest. Well, First of all, Why is the White House using government resources to block Hunter Biden, who is not working in the administration from knowing who is purchasing. These items. It's almost like they're acting as an agent for Hunter Biden on the you know, and using taxpayer dollars in government resources. The other thing is that we have evidence now that Hunter Biden has used Biden family name to gain access to meetings with government officials. We know that former vice president at the time Joe Biden, you know, he flew on the plane with him to China and came back with a number of business deals, so there is evidence that country Biden has used these situations to his advantage. To gain access to government officials to make himself and some alleged his family rich and so this idea now the White House is going to cover it up rather than being overly transparent about it, especially in the name of since we saw that censorship last fall, it really does smell pretty bad, and it's not Republicans who are saying this, it's former Obama officials as well. Yeah. It's It's pretty smelly. I think this is something you just say No, no, sun. No, no, no, not now. We're not going to do that. You already have. Almost cost me my job, you know? So, apparently the White House Has gotten involved. Which has even raised eyebrows even more. Because They apparently.

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