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P W b a p dot com Thursday morning News continues. By the way you could go to our website. Would you be a p dot com up there now how our school closing and delays. We talked about this earlier with the way schools have had to pivot here in the pandemic on go virtual. This is gonna be a little bit easier on both students and teachers. Many schools are going virtual Dallas honesty was one of those to do that today. Yes. And so you don't know the good news is, I guess you don't lose that day. You don't lose that time. Because you could just go virtual that I thought about that this morning when I got up and saw where, Uh, Dallas was doing that Fort Worth that. That's kind of easy now. Yeah, he's don't have to worry about just Go to the computer, right? Right. You don't look now It's one of those instances where the less fortunate Worst, something could be done for them because maybe there is going to be some students of miss out. But remember, they've had to go through that during the pandemic, so we have made, you know, we we kind of made it work. We made it operational. Whether it was hot spots and laptops and things like that, So, yeah, I did. That's gonna be in place and hasn't been taken away. You know, at this point, you know, the only thing that stinks is if your kid you always look forward of the snow day. Oh, that's right. But that's like, you know, you've heard Brad Martin talk about how bad the weather is gonna be on Monday. Yeah. My kids have Monday on for President's Day. Exactly. You know there. That's all they were talking about last night. Was it gonna be Monday? Yeah. Give move A snow day. Exactly. Yeah. You know what would get 65 70 take the story that day to do it that you were supposed to get? Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna check in with money and Brandt. Keep you up to date all morning. On bottom line is if you don't have to get out. Don't do it. A Z If you look at the traffic map that Monty's looking at one of the resource is that he has and he shares with us. It is red everywhere. It is awful. It is all right. It is red everywhere, every everywhere and we've seen it kind of happened. Haven't we? Money from east to West? Oh, yeah. I mean, it started moving back toward Fort Worth now, But I first got up this morning and called Shawn at 4 30 when he wasn't Luke 12 9 30. It was basically write it. 3 60 was a dividing line and you could see everything to the east of that was red and everything to the west of that was okay. There were a couple of patches that were bad, but for the most part, it was green to the west, and it was red to the east right now. Hey, says Red deer rib. It's red everywhere. Yes. So if you don't have to go out, don't do it. I've got a predicament. My my, my truck, our cars in my garage. My garage is kind of up a hill. We have to drive up to it. Um, you have to drive up to it. And then I wonder if I should try to get my truck out of my garage. Just I don't know if I don't know if I would have liked having like having it in the garage at this point, But what if I need to get out to go get What do you What do you something, huh? What do you need seriously? Well, I don't know. I like TV dinners. Exactly. Don't have enough in the freezer, huh? Another husband, man, One more hungry, man. One more hungry band like them love that cobbler. Oh, yeah. Although he texted me to get close to me the other night he goes, he goes, man. Have you tried the night home? Salisbury Steak. I said Nighthawk. Oh, you get it with a fill up racing at 7 11. Yeah, Let's check it with our correspondent who's in the field right now at the turn of the River Bridge. That's all right, Shawn Chastain. He's been there now, for about an hour and a half. Sean update us on your status and what you're seeing. The update is good the we got moving, but we couldn't exit 35. Uh, North, so they made us exit 35 South. And, um, so your course I can know. So we had 35 south and then, uh, I would have to Colorado to Marseille is smart. Whatever that road is, Marcellus and now I am just I am on Victory Avenue downtown. Oh, you're there. You're there was turning into the station parking lot. You are their work. That's good. So Yeah, There's the right now. We have Joseph in the control room, right? But helping you. So the Joseph get up and do all this for just Joseph. Joseph. Yeah, he drove in from Oklahoma City, showing apparently couldn't do it. From what? Uh Oh, really. I see. Just about hit the curb there. Yeah, I mean, the surface streets there really a mess. Everything's a mess. Okay, Grant says you don't have to go out. Don't Yes, That is a simple way to put it. Money Cook. You would agree with that right as we have I definitely agree with that. Because there's nowhere to go. You can't go anywhere right now. Everything's closed. Basically, I 30 still shut down on the eastbound side is move out the Lake Ray Hubbard in two different spots or so I 30 was completely shut down in downtown until a few moments ago, like Shawn was just talking.

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