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That's okay, though, because mother's days the mother's day date changes every year. Well, I think that people should have stepped up for you, especially that baby. I had that baby should have known and maybe, like post dated it. How dare there, Laura. That's a cute story, though. But congratulations. Your first baby sold her first so excited First Mother's Day. There's a step up for last year. I'm speaking for her making for the same day that the baby All right. Everybody will be right back. We are going to talk some spring and summer gardening. We'll be right back. My top traffic starts this afternoon on 35. North bound. Gotta crash by Sinclair Avenue on Grand Avenue. That car is on the right shoulder right around. 35 ft. South bound at Victoria Street and on 94 West found a crash in Brooklyn Center between 49th Avenue on Highway 100. Also gotta crash happening on 4 94 eastbound near South ST Paul. That's by highway 52 highway 62. Then on 94, West Nile, no debris on the road near the Minnesota Wisconsin State border right around ST Croix Trail that you might talk traffic your five eyewitness news. Weather forecast for meteorologist Ren Clair. Partly cloudy 59 today clear with scattered frost 37 Tonight your weekend forecast Saturday Partly cloudy in the mornings and Sprinkles in the afternoon 58. For Sunday partly cloudy 60 right now, the my talk studios mostly sunny and 54. My talk one. Oh, 71. All right, everybody, Let's talk about your money. Boy. There's was always a friend of mine who's in real estate last night, and she said There's so many people who have so many demands about what they're looking for. But the minute.

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