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Past week yet so i i really got into wrestling around wrestlemainia. One bank eighty four. Eighty five is as far my. Wb payment misery wonderful. Was that guy to hate because in a lot of ways. The bizarre over of whole. Kobe like incredible physique. But you know he was that guy that you just wanted to hate. Because he's so he's so You're not always the best promo guy. That's why they have piper that later bobby heenan but just phenomenal technical wrestler and then had the worst in the power to back it up And then you get down later. Life like the With paul roma wbz. Pretty wonderful tag team you know. Just just the solid solid career I wanted to tell this story. I thought about it this week after after hearing about his acid. And you talk about you know so young so about probably three and a half four years ago i had some friends of mine That were booked on a big Independent show in georgia and it was like superstar euro things where you had a bunch of legend coming in and then a bunch of independent workers and mr wonderful was on the show and he was in decent hell but at the time he was able to cut a move around us the move around well the promoter of a show building gutter are set up and then disappeared in not just disappeared disappear with everybody's money and a bunch of guys start looking for track down to his mother's house and one of the guys are wonderful told him. Hey you know we found this promoter. We know that you know attract our money and or nor hop in the truck with these guys and drove to the house and begged on. The guy's door is listen if you don't you don't get in the boys our buddy in the next thirty minutes. I'm kicking down the door a kick your ass at sixty seven years old Like blown away by like you know. Here's a guy who's alleged sticking up for all of them you know and it was really just really funny. Stories like we. I think that show happened on a friday as those guys are rocket city the next night. Tell me that story how crazy it was but you know like i said like he's one of those guys that was just the quintessential he'll Just the guy that you love to hate and just a beautiful solid. Great career In in business so Disad -em passing than. I thought somebody great post on facebook showing like all the members of the heenan family. The passing on. I said Hunter heenan families gone. Yeah like except for hukou. That's true the of our burien right. But i think like every one of hogan's opponents for the first year four was was warrior wrestlemainia six. He was six. Yeah so everyone is opponents from wrestlemanias wonder five of now passed away so just just crazy. How the wrestling will work just shows you also like the guys like you and me have been wrestling fans our entire lives. It doesn't seem that long times about wrestlemainia you know wrestlemainia. Five doesn't seem that long ago you look and you're like man that's like thirty five years ago forty years ago it's it's crazy how the time flows through the rest of the. Yeah i by the way. I'm remiss jira barberry was not part of the family so hakuou yet. He is the only member left of the heenan family. Unfortunately still with us Were brooklyn brawler. Also yeah and then. I'm also seeing these photos of our burying with the heenan family so i think that's kind of up there. There's a whole bunch of there's also blanchard arn andersen obviously but the core eighties or lowered. When you family think of andrei bundy or door. Mr perfect you brought rude but the bundy you think of those core guys. Big john study john. Yeah they're all gone and then later into the late nineties when he started getting the Who's the the brooklyn brawlers. Brain busters those guys. But you know that a family from like eighty four we like eight like that was the heel faction of wwe was tabbed. They're right. I think he had that He was working as a baby face and he was like hogan's protege and then that led to what i think it was not the big event. What was it in toronto to remember. Was this saturday night main event. Maybe maybe on something. They usually like the war to settle the score. No that wasn't a really big shows in toronto. It's set up what they would do on tuesday nights for like a month. You know they would be these big super shows. I think is your sense made a band or one of those take shows for ide- to recap when you what happened. It was the big event. That's what it was called so august. Twenty eighth nineteen eighty six exhibition stadium in toronto ontario canada. It was a special house. Show it drew a crowd over seventy four thousand fans which was an outdoor attendance record at the time And it was featured on vhs tape then it would later popped up in the deputy network and was headlined by hulk hogan defeating paul orndorff to retain wf world champion. He won via disqualification. So that was the big event in toronto headline to round the hogan orndorff feud of the time so sad news. Wwl famer paul orndorff. Mr wonderful passing away. The age of seventy one thoughts and prayers. Go out to he and his family and friends and fans during this time. I hate to always talk about this when we lose wrestling legend and we lost another one this past week in mr wonderful Dr trae. let's wrap up this week. Citizens show given our pre predictions for me money in the bank. It comes to you live boy. This has been a long time. I was even ill prepared for this. Because i don't know where usually it's like it's coming to you live from the thunderdome but for the first time in an elimination chamber. Two thousand twenty. I sit here and say it comes to you. Live from dicky's arena in fort worth texas. This sunday wow feels good to say. I was just prepared. Come see you live from the thunderdome. South florida as we've been saying the last couple months. Let's get to the first match. Aj almost defending against the viking raiders for raw tag team championship was supposed to take place at this upcoming. Monday's raw fish that they move this match after the bailey and Bianca air match was removed from the card. I'm going to go with. aj and almost retaining dr. what's al. I really wish the first paper you back was great balls of fire. Atletico he's arena in fort worth texas. What during that would have been. I know you've been fantastic. But you'll coming from dicky's arena In fort worth This this toss up. Because i think they're gonna keep aj for a little while longer but it's almost that point where it's ever. Aj kind of breakout back on his bull. Singles run But i think i'm gonna think. Aj almost containing. I think he's probably going to be a few more months for the guys up. Yeah i was with you on almost. Pick the other team to pick the viking raiders. Because it's like okay for three months guys have done nothing as attacked team next match defending the raw women's championship ripley will be taken on charlotte flare. I'm gonna go with three ripley in this one. Yeah i mean the kind of the I don't know who the roof was really weird that you like the like. I'm a he'll but i can be a bigger. He'll well let me what you like. It is kinda weird. Hunter put together. billion believe that. It's going to be rewritten. Because they.

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