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Oh you uh you know uh my ultimate goal was to make it to the nfl and and uh already be catching passes from uh from peyton in being in the the huddle was already just something that was uh you know i i to pitch myself every single day so uh to go beyond that and you know be leading the league in and whatnot i was kind of a it was a world went right uh but now i i was just great borrowers airplane it's not a lot of people get it get experience some weight that now there's a story that i enjoy telling i think goes against the st louis rams you ran a flat you're out in the flat would have been a touchdown peyton manning throws it you attempted to catch up with one hand you did not catch it your jogging back to the huddle in what happens get wrecked out of the huddle in picked you off he literally kicked him off the field the relationship that payton had with you was almost like a fatherson son situation did you see at the same way yeah i think old older brother little brother do you remember to relationship do you remember j mac the guy who had the thirty for thirty the basketball quick manager who got in a game and then he want like he made like 10 3pointers in a last fourth quarter he was a coats ballboy for a while like he would come to training camp and he will do an impression of peyton manning in the first year i was there was my rookie year his impression involved yelling at austin cali like dealers that i like it was like oh ma i'll pull out apple good over here off.

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