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Berman auto express store, here's voter and has go some really heavy traffic in Addison right now on the northbound side of route eighty three because it is closed at two ninety two a crash involving a semi they're pretty nasty crash. So you might wanna use villa avenue. And as an alternate emergency crews are on the scene, and we'll be out there for a while northbound route eighty three closed at two ninety on the Edens inbound nineteen minutes from lake cook. To the Kennedy nineteen on the outbound drive the Kennedy inbound thirty three from O'Hare twenty three minutes in from the Edens in the locals twenty in the express lanes album. Kennedy heavy from the burn interchange to the Ohio feeder some police activity reported there. It's seventeen minutes out to Montrose. Thirty two O'Hare. Eisenhower inbound heavy from York to Saint Charles of the rollover crash on the shoulder. Fifty minutes from route three ninety to downtown thirty one in from time. You can see pictures of the crash on Twitter at WBZ AM, seven eighty traffic outbound. Eisenhower, just sixteen Mannheim. But thirty four all the way up to three ninety Stevenson inbound fifty five minutes. Three fifty five to lakeshore drive forty five from the tri-state Alabama. Stevenson, thirty one to the tri-state totally. Forty one out to three fifty five. The Dan Ryan inbound heavy from forty seven to forty third report of a rollover crash in the left lane there twenty five minutes from ninety fifth then it's a seventeen minute commute from downtown to the split. Fifty seven's zero clear about the in and out the Bishop forty nine twenty two minutes eighty ninety four to the Dan Ryan, no up on delays lakeshore drive. Northbound looking good southbound slow from Michigan avenue to the white at Chicago, the Tri state tollway. Northbound heavy approaching ninety southbound heavy from the grand avenue curve to before to ninety. That's because of an earlier stall, the Jane Addams toy eastbound is delay free. Westbound you've got a crash in the left lane at route forty seven no worries on the Reagan or three fifty five route fifty three for that matter eighties in pretty good shape. So as eighty ninety four and the Indiana toll road is sixty five on the southbound side heavy for about two miles past US to thirty one the crown point exit. That's because a police activity blocking at least one lane there traffic. Sponsored by the Berman auto express store. The new Berman auto expressed or is the expressway to buy your next used car. One hundred percent online just like you're used vehicle get instant upfront pricing and now delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign see over five hundred vehicles berm.

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