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Right. We are going to cut out of this. But certainly prominent developments in the suspicious packages that have been sent to prominent Democrats across the country. Including former President Obama and former candidate Hillary Clinton, and and obviously President Bill Clinton. There is somebody with federal authorities. Basically, they arrested a man in south Florida in connection with these suspicious packages. We will keep an eye on that and go back to it as additional news breaks. But I want to. Grab Peter here from Google trends. Basically, we do this every week talk about the top Google items. Pier. So glad to have you back. Happy to be here. Always always call in right during breaking news. So funny. All right, Peter. So we are looking at the top five Google things. And I have to tell you Peter this week. There's some head scratchers on here for me. Including in maybe most, especially the first one. All right. And that is David Schwimmer. Yes. He's been trending in a while. But the internet noted this week a striking resemblance between the friends character Ross or David Schwimmer and the image of a robbery suspect released by British police. And so gave it to him a responded with a really entertaining alibi video. I think this is I think a lot of people think it's really funny because they're making fun of like the way fans episodes were called the one where right? Everybody is kind of going crazy just because guy look so much like David Schwimmer that is that is very interesting. Glad that he at least had fun with it. I didn't. I thought I saw some sort of video and I saw David Schwimmer randomly in the news. Now, it all makes sense. So there we go the next one up, I guess makes total sense obviously with a huge jackpot mega millions lottery would be Google. Oh, yeah. I'm Tuesday night. Run. Lucky contestant won the one point six billion dollar mega million lottery drying, which is a record haul. It was confirmed that a lottery ticket was sold in Simpson. Ville South Carolina with all six winning numbers. But no one has stepped forward to become America's most billionaire. Wow. Yeah. This is it is just a been a lot of conversation around this. So I can see why people would be googling, obviously, there's so many different stories to go with so many different things to sort of look up. So a lot of fun with that. And then the next one certainly is has caused a stir as well over this week. Halloween, right. Oh, yeah. How lean I mean. And there's a lot going. There's always a thanks to Google. I think to sport out of necessity what where where to get candy candy. Get one of the interesting things that popped up was the most searched couple costumes money, and CLYDE Cosmo and Wanda by being Penn who I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. I just saw the other day the new. I saw a castaway couples outfit, which is one person dressed as the volleyball that Tom Hanks to. Yes. Thank you. And obviously, Tom Hanks. All right. So the next one is also somewhat movie related obviously movie following actual history. But what's the number four? Most searched term is the Titanic to. As the. Killian, businessman, and politician. Clive Palmer has announced an intention to build an exact replica payments doomed ship, and it started construction in twenty twelve it was put on halt in twenty fifteen. And now he's announced that it will be completed by twenty twenty two and they'll be taking voyages between Southampton in the UK to New York back and forth. Starting in twenty twenty two. It will track. The exact course that the Titanic took. So what do you think? So. Would would you? Yeah. Would you say the void the iceberg this time around, but the icebergs are much smaller now was climate change. So it'll be an issue especially the maiden voyage was in April of nineteen twelve. So by then hopefully, the iceberg will be much smaller. I have no issue. I'd have no issue doing us. Oh, sounds like a. Yeah. I mean, especially any time any chance both of them. Go down. I mean, just just play the numbers, right? The odds. Be. I bet you it'll be full of hipsters loving their old-timey things. And I you know, I'd be there too. I like an old train, right? I like I don't see why wouldn't like an old ship. So anyway. Leonardo DiCaprio is part of this. I don't know. I don't like him. Sorry. I brought that up Hillary and really most acclaimed actor, but you do not like him. No. I do not, of course, as we all know, the Australian politician, and multimillionaire, will whatever he is follows everything that I like and dislike right? He would have gotten Leonardo DiCaprio. But of course, she doesn't like him. So it's all over can be Bradley Cooper. Instead. I guess. Gosling? Yes, I'd be fine with that. I think we all would anyway, the last one I'm gonna leave to you to pronounce because I don't know anything about it. Is identifying. Yes. Yeah. I think for the for the purpose of the conference. Virus? We're going to stick with it. Yeah. It's flu season and this strain of the flu and it picked up during following an outbreak at a New Jersey. Pediatric clinic with eighteen confirmed cases tabby. The people with it passed away. No, it is a it's a pretty dangerous. Virus it very the symptoms. Vary from the common cold, and pink or pneumonia. But it can get a get much worse over a few days. So all right. Look out for that. Why? All right, good to know. In terms of recent definitely developments to be on the lookout for and those are the top five searched terms of the week. And of course, YouTube video is grocery stores stereotypes. Yeah. The comedic video. It's a communicate on August. People you encounter at the grocery store people creating a cart they blocked the I'll people who are just fishing for coupons to and make the lion longer. People who spend way too much time sniffing and feeling all the produce. It's pretty funny right now, it has over ten point four million views interesting. All right. Keep it here. This is been once again, the Google trends the week. We're glad to have Peter back. We always enjoy having you on thanks for thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. All right. Let's hit a break. Just you guys. Now. I mean, a very perfunctory, by the way, look at this van and the stickers on it sort of confirms what I think most people suspected we'll talk more about that on the other side. Keep it here on Boston Herald radio from the.

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