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Spring training and it stops then you're off for a few months and then you gotta kick it back up again in July and go into an uncertain situation that may or may not work. Have you been able to see yourself in that? Or is that something you just can't even can't even think about doing. Well, try to think about it. You know, now that we're starting things back up is like being an analyst and doing these shows whatnot, but it's been really hard. You know, I just It's unprecedented. I mean, I guess. The closest I can come to being in that situation, and it's really not even close was back in the strike here in 1990 for where I was in the minor leagues, But you know the season you guys were in spring training replacement players are in spring training, and I was invited The Bigley camped a year, so it's kind of stuck in that. Um, that lay off, But, you know, just trying to get myself mentally and physically prepared for whenever the season may start again and then listening, Tio Ah, you know, the players talking their conference calls about you know who knows when we're going to come back so that that that that like That limbo feeling that you do have mentally It's tough because Yet. You don't know when it's going to start. So you don't know like how hard you could go at it. You don't know you know, preparation wise what to do, and I can't even imagine doing that. When you have families or not being able to go some place to work out, get prepared. You know, you talk. You hear about guys? How they get had to get creative. The bonds, you know, hitting off of his balcony into a net yet Pence's wife, setting up a batting cage in the backyard. Our own BP kill him. I mean, yeah. They really get creative. You know the guys. That's the last four months so Give just to be prepared enough. It toe play a season, even if it's 60 games. I don't know. I mean, it's tough to ramp things back up that fast again and and not Worry about getting hurt on DH. Now in top of that, you know you didn't try not to get sick. You trying to do everything in your power not to be someone that gets sick, bringing into a club history. You can keep everybody else safe, so and then you're wearing masks. I don't know, man. I If they can pull this off. I commend everyone of those guys because you all have to be on the same page. You can't let your guard down. You can't get comfortable. You can't get in that clubhouse atmosphere, what you tend to do and get a little bit comfortable, and then all of a sudden, especially off the field. You have to be able to you talk about execute on the field. These guys we're gonna have to execute their game plan's off the field now. I mean, you have to really be strategic about how you go about your day today. Just so you don't Slip up and You know and infect the whole clubhouse. So I said, a little skeptical to think that they can get through a whole season without anybody being infected, but Um, but I don't know. I think that's where leadership comes into play guys in the clubhouse, making sure the players for that matter, making sure that Everybody's on the same page, making sure that guy's understanding they could affect families and extended families if if they do slip up. So I said, I try to wrap my head around it and put myself in their shoes. But I really I really don't even know I don't know how they how they how you go about it. You know, on a positive note on the whole virus thing I saw Bob Nightengale tweeted out that you know, the Players Association in the league both jointly announced that they did 10,548 tests last week. And there were only six positive so 0.5%. So if I was those five players in one staff member that tested positive there were five days in which there were no new positives reported so that it's viewed kind of this as an encouraging sign. What do you think of a giant rotation? And it's an interesting group. I mean, you got Cueto coming back. And who knows what he's going to be a mean 1 18? Not that long ago when he was right. You got some marja potentially going to be dealt middle of the year for pitches. Okay, you get Drew Smyly who have heard good things about Gausman the same and you got some other guys in the mix as well. How do you see the rotation this year? Where I'd like to say that those four guys you've mentioned you run those guys out there every day for four days and then obviously the guy's a question, Mark. I don't think we're going to see that for a while. I think we're going to see piggyback starts. I think honesty openers. Ah, it's I've already heard Kappler talk about, you know, So Marge, I want to get ready to throw 85 pitches to start here and in cap came out and said, I think he should just be rated pitched three innings in his first start, so it is, you know, they're definitely they need to get on the same page in that regard, but I don't think for a few weeks we're going to see a starter, you know, be able to go out there and throw 8500 pitches in the game. So what? What is that rotation look like, right? I mean, those four guys. I like. I like a lie. I liked what I saw, smiling Gausman. It is, you know, In a spring train that we already did have. I really liked what? I saw those guys and then obviously Cueto coming off Tommy gone and into Marjah. So I like I like those four guys. I think that they could build will definitely be able to keep you in games. I just think with this with this 60 game season, we're going to see things we've never seen before. You're going. You're going to see Farr on and Harrison and capped it together. And they're going to try to outsmart the competition. I don't know if that's going to translate into wins, but they're three pretty smart guys, and they definitely are very progressive and the way they think Obviously an elixir. Goingto come into play pretty heavily this year as Faras lineups are constructed in platoon situations and try and exploit those matchups, But I would look With that road patient. I don't think you're going to see one through five, maybe one through or forget. Three weeks, four weeks into the season. It's getting there get it's going. It's going to look a lot different. But I do like the four guys. You mentioned a lot, and I think that they can Taken. Definitely They could definitely keep your team in the game. So let me ask you this. I don't want to hear about baseball. I want to hear about number four yesterday for you. Number four You said hold number four. I said hold Number four is not like Oh, yeah. Golf? Yeah. Yeah, it was. It was a par five. Uh, it was a par five. I hit my 1st 2 out of balance. Um, So now now, the third shot If you're doing the math, I'm hitting five off. Yes,.

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