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Could God what was that? He does that once every three or four years. He also does six interceptions in a game because that dude is delusional confident, given his general stature delus-. Yes, you're really like, how do you go from throwing a six interception game or seven interceptions that cost them the jets job. He's also had a seven touchdown game for Houston. That's that's a fits magic man. It's just a, it's a wider Jameis. Winston experience. You know what? How let me ask you this question, how great would it be? Because I think Ryan Fitzpatrick is harmed here by Harvard. If I gave you just the same playing style and made a journeyman Zell we'd love that dude. Oh yeah. Like if I gave Johnny Manziel the success, you know, I'm putting it in quotes of of Ryan Fitzpatrick this style where, yes, I'm just gonna throw it right into your face and I'm gonna run face. I in your entire offense. My beard is going face. I hear. I don't care. It's third and three. I'm going to get those four yards. Even if I have to like javelins myself through here, defensive tackles facemask you desperately want that guy. You would have Ryan Fitzpatrick hand. He's harmed by his his resume, Harvard, that playing style, we'd love it. If it was one of if Baker Mayfield plays like that. Which we saw yesterday. Oh, so bad Terada? Yes. Tell rod tyrod. I mean, how do you under throat that shot? I was screaming take a shot take, no, and then I took a shot afterwards. How do you under throw that ball in that situation? He's reputed to not turn the ball over. How did how did they come back and how are they down fourteen points when they had a turnover margin of plus five? Well, that's the stat of the day. Let's do this real quick Minnesota. By the way we are now carried live in Minnesota ESPN fifteen hundred. We should actually do just a Viking segment. Next, just all Vikings, maybe call bud grant. We got a little bit of a fan base out there. We were taking on delay out there and now fifteen hundred has decided to give us their live show a regular place in their lineup. So stick with us on this. I know you want your Vikings football and know you want your Vikings football. We're gonna give it to you in the next segment. Fac Alison find me just, you know, rag horn. What's the name of their mascot? Ragnar fired the prior litigious mascot. Just find me a bunch of people we could talk to. So we could break down that Minnesota game devote segment to just Minnesota. But before we do that, we have dueling stats of the day here on your Cleveland Browns that will allow you to make fun of the Cleveland Browns. Give it to me. Give me the short version of this so we can hurry up and get some Vikings football, Mike, start of the days. This style of the day spot of the day the day in this style of the day, start of the day, started the day in this spot of the day, start up the day instead of the day fitness. The start of the..

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