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Kids. I remember when the internet started what what does that even mean was. That was that before tiktoker. When was that like they didn't even is crazy. I wanna i wanna double click on lebron. I mean i guess you have to. You have to ask about the and the perfect person to ask you teammate. For many years but Yeah i mean he's just beast. Yeah i wrote about him quite a bit. You know he was. He was pretty much to muse for the section on taking care of your body I had never seen anybody like that Since a young age Stretch an have routines and stay with this regimen and you could tell back then. He was on a quest to be the best in the world. You know and and even. I never felt like that from another player to be like. Oh he's doing something. I haven't even seen all the time and it will push me to get better And that's why i write about is so much in this particular book because you know i got to see him Both he and wayne how much they put into carmelo. He's still game. Yeah absolutely i mean. I would love to know what he's doing because he's obviously doing something because he's still plan right here. We go back to the high school camp. These your peers is your your guys like we're all going to the league. Yeah what's it like to end. And i know you're situations very different than theirs. But what is it when you watch a game and you see these guys. Still on the court still duncan's wins still making the doe. Ray me yeah is that was. I feel like it used to feel bad. I used to feel it was a fill in. I had to get over. Took a couple of years you know are wanting to be out there. Obviously you can't have longevity in this game because they're proven that and and if you would have asked me five years ago ten years ago. Sure i'm still going to be playing and bef- you know i'll be in that mode and my career i'm figuring it out and you know just trying to one more year but at least i could go out on my own terms or whatever but it took a while to get over but i'm having i'm to watch them do it. I mean. I don't wanna play basketball. I haven't played basketball and years and so mired their commitment to the game and and just submit to their body and the sacrifice they're making 'cause man. I work out but running up and down taking that those beatings. Those hotels it gets it gets tough. That's fine i watch. I watch a lot more basketball now. That my my little guys. Just so passionate about. But i never. I didn't really watch that much basketball. As i w- and watch to your point like this is the game way more physical than people think you really watch him getting banged and knocked and you know elbows blood..

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