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To get the hang of it and his fire is feeling completely safe on that never happened. But at least I was turning heads. And was your first thought when he saw me. Wow. He looks cool. I thought was worse. His helmet. Yeah. I got that a lot from the folks I talked to seems like there could be an issue. The fact is. Neither of the two companies providing the two hundred scooters that are part of this trial include album, that's the rider's responsibility. And as far as how responsible those riders will be that's part of the trial one whose conclusions may be drawn as much from emergency rooms statistics as from customer satisfaction. From Brooklyn KENDALL Buhl WBZ Boston's NewsRadio one of two women accusing Virginia Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault spoke with Gayle king today on CBS this morning, professor Vanessa Tyson says she's willing to testify about the alleged encounter that took place during the democratic national convention here in Boston you really haven't seen him since that incident in two thousand four no I haven't seen him. I remember him trying to call me a couple of times. But I I just didn't pick up. This was after the convention was over. And I think he emailed me a few times as well. Like, I never initiated contact. Fairfax issued a statement denying the allegations saying encounters with Tyson and another woman were consensual. Meantime, a new sexual harassment investigation focuses on the US naval academy. The navy takes all allegations of sexual harassment. Seriously. That's what navy officials said in a brief statement as they acknowledged an investigation that's focused on the chief of the naval academy's police department. Lance, Royce, though, they stopped short of talking about what sparked the harassment complaints only saying that the investigation is ongoing, and that Royce is still on duty status. The police department provides security for the naval academy in Annapolis. Maryland Nikai, Nellie ABC news. A vigil last night for university of South Carolina students. Samantha Josephson, the twenty one year old was murdered after mistaking her killers car for. Or an Uber ABC's. Victor oquendo has the latest release using surveillance to track down that car arresting twenty-five olds Nathaniel rolling Saturday charging him with murder and kidnapping, according to the police report Josephson suffered multiple wounds to her body including her head neck face, upper body, leg and foot. Police also finding liquid bleach cleaning wipes window cleaner and Josephson cell phone in the suspect's car. A gofundme campaign for funeral costs has raised more than fifty thousand dollars. Eight time to check business news with Tracy jonky at Bloomberg good afternoon, Tracy had afternoon, art, snow and record called in the northern states record rain in the southeast at all discouraged shopping in February especially at home improvement type stores. That's according to the Commerce Department's which is reporting an overall two tenths percent drop in retail sales throughout that month. Wall Street is perfectly happy to blame mother nature for that for on US and Chinese manufacturing paint a far more optimistic economic picture. Investors are going with that the Dow is up two hundred sixty points. Nasdaq up eighty three SMP up twenty-six points..

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