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Kelly is on the air 77 w A. V. C o, Uh, yes. All right back in the swing of things. How long was I gone? Uh, three months. It just seemed like such a long time was wonderful. I went to Florida and where it was very hot, but actually not as hot as it is here and the cool ocean breeze. Very nice. Very nice. Indeed. I went by Mara Lago. It's empty, although guess what The great big, gigantic American flag is still flying in front of that place. They are hassling President Trump. They are trying to cancel him. He is a Nkansah level. It's not going to work and this phony baloney case against his CFO. Um, Westerberg. That's not going to work. Either. Everybody knows this should be a civil matter at best or at worst. This is not a criminal matter. I heard the fake news yesterday, saying, this is a 15 year criminal conspiracy. Give me a break. This is not a crime. It's not a crime. It's possibly a violation. The tip off for me was that thing about paying not paying city taxes as he was alleged to have not done, but he was paying Nassau County taxes. All the way through 2013. They said he didn't pay city taxes all the way through 23. He had a house in Wantagh, Long Island paying taxes there. That's what it's about. Um, it is Ridiculous And they spent all this time all this money. Why? Why are they doing that? Where the city is falling apart? I had a trip over somebody on the way in here. The sum You know you feel bad for these people, but at the same time you're like annoyed and a little bit scared. You know what's this derelict doing? Laying down at 12 30 in the afternoon on the street? Right. I told you about the guy I saw shooting up. Hey, Did you hear Chicago? 100? People were shot over the weekend. All the way. 100. People were shot over the weekend. I mean, 18 people killed in Chicago. Uh, this is what I believe The left wants. You know, there are people very smart people have been looking at this. The whole defund the police movement. They've gotten the agenda they want to nationalize, nationalized police, a national police force. Now That's something to be scared of. I wouldn't have said that a couple of years ago. That sounds okay to me. Nope. Not after what the FBI is. Let itself become A arm of the deep state Left wing cabal, Deep State Federal Bureau of Incompetence. Federal bureaucrats incorporated what everyone to call them. Yep, There are some great FBI agents, of course. But the place is now corrupted by her horrific leadership. You go to the Twitter page of the FBI. What is their priority? All the stuff that's going on. You know what they're still trying to do. Hunt down January. 6th, Um trespassers, January six Trespassers. Hey, I'm here in Southern We may know pretty soon. The results the so called results of the Primary. We know that on the Republican side here in New York City, Curtis one, and that's fantastic. On the left. Uh, we're not not not not too sure what's going on. They're not too sure What's going on there is going to be Eric Adams. Is it going to be Garcia? I don't know. Uh, I'm actually pulling for Garcia. Even though I don't like her. She has no business being mayor herself. What? What? What Good. The sanitation commissioner of Sanitation Commissioner of the Blasio administration, do not too much, right. No one's impressed with that. No one is impressed with that at all. Hey, listen to this. This is Jen Psaki. He heard about what's going on with Kamala Harris. Looks like Joe Biden might be finished with her doesn't like her. Um and they're leaking all kinds of nasty stuff about her. They are appalled the political pros in the White House. Forget your Biden for a moment are appalled with how bad Kamala Harris is the giggling The inappropriate responses the total and aptitude on the public stage. So do me a favor. Jen Psaki talking to who is becoming a real all Star reporter Peter Doocy from Fox News. White House concerned that some vice presidential.

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