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In in the sheeting update three two unwind what is everyone welcome to the nerd on update where we talk about the stuff in the news that we find interesting we don't introduce ourselves so Tom but also the second part of the show is where we answer questions from you. Yeah no people listener whether you're a patron or not so yeah let's go right into the new the news I. WanNa talk about the some of the gaming stuff but also the day's Seib live to DC boy so by the time you listen listen to this some of this is old but also some of this evergreen it was the eightieth birthday of Batman so as back in the day minus eighty years from whatever this is and we had Batman I come on the panels of DC comics before they even call. DC comics but but so a big thing that happened worldwide was at they shine the bat signal on certain landmarks in America at e. p. m. local time which is really dope and I asked everyone out here. Who WanNa do with me but everyone's like oh go fuck talking. I was also so I was sad and by myself and all I did was just look at stuff that made me happy but so the really cool thing with that actually was that all you fortnight kids all you four-night players got some dark night and and also some dark knight returns skins for your four nine characters which happened on September twenty first but also since this this is the this is the outdated stuff now epic Games was embedded with Warner brothers and it was like a Yo you WanNa do some coors break the they're like yo here's six games and then if you have an epic games account you could have gotten a Arkham Games so our asylum city and night and then you could have gotten legal one two and three so it's really dope. I think it's cool to see see that the gaming industry the combat industry as well social media was blowing up because of Batman and you know we talked about it last week where you know. DC Congress kind of had a rumored announcement a little bit of a new a black Batman coming out so it's just kind of what a wonderful time to be Batman and then also speaking came from that we had a certain person we talked to at Sandia comecon a bunch of caring Conroy Wilfrid L. and all that stuff so later during the month of October the release for Batman Beyond remastered Kamau moves. I talked about it when we came back from San Diego Comic Con and a lot of the murmur is if the sales do really well then though actually bring back the show for another season or do feature movie and I think that's a real a big deal especially to get the Pros Tim Allen Burnett Paul Allen Andrea Romano coming out of retirement to come back for these characters planet. Are you living in me. Eddie possible with that happened. Actually people coming back so there's been a big murmur for Justice Justice League revival and so much more happened. They created a ruse. I Tim Justice League versus the fatal five featuring movie with Kevin Conroy and the original Susan Eisenberg as wonder woman in Jau how George Newborn I think as a as superman. I think he's the one that there's been a lot of people play so you're telling me there's a chance chance for sure. We'll come back and we I talked to him and say like. Wouldn't it be graze again man so that's awesome. I'll be amazing. I've done for my Batman DC news. Oh Nice Nice I can jump on that. I got kind of six one half a dozen the other two news to bit news. There's so many numbers happening yeah. I know the first thing is that I wasn't here last week. Nick Borderlands three just a little bit and I've been playing L. A. Number too much I have a life I have wives have wife wife lives with my cats as well as long as it's a lot of commitment but I've been playing mostly. Zane tried out all all the characters FLACK BS master. How is it compared to the demo you play There are some aspects that are missing that I'm I'm wondering if they'll just come on later in the game like liked but some of the social like I haven't seen one of the coolest things I saw the demo was that you could look at a vending machine and see guns that your friends online have sold and maybe I'm just not looking at it often enough but I haven't seen one yet. Remove your guns at possible but it's been a blast so far if you're profanity other ones in the series out highly recommend this one. It's Super Fun. I know they replaced the actor for claptrap which is one of the main robots in the series however I don't notice too much of a difference if I'm completely gingrich on earth is do I need to play the second one in order to play the third one I know I would say you watch the video. Okay I mean yeah. This does indicate a lot of what happened. It's if like right after why why no she signed playing board lines to for the first time yeah I saw her and all your Hook Yeah. Oh she's not dead no by the time she doesn't even come close to character character in the first one the first one right Louis Oh so then it goes on and on and on it's definitely worth checking out I would highly highly recommend it the other thing. I'm very excited about which I now can't recall. If you guys talked about the last one is the infinity box. It nope got announced this the week that we do yes hey the trailer dropped and it is phenomenal. It makes me want to if they were to put a thousand dollars price tag on big swing that what's what's what's the Infinity Gauntlet pity saga is the entirety of marvel movies from Iran won one game. I I would sit from. I guess honestly I don't want it but I'm probably going to buy it for my mom. I want it. I want it but there's a lot of things coming out. There like there's a lot of people are speculating the thousand dollar price might be on the other hand people arguing. Why would they both legit at such a high price well. It's it's all speculation but people are saying why would they put it at such a high price when Disney plus coming out and get all of their movies through their streaming services. GotTa be some kind of collectible something so I believe there's going to be don. It's going to be lower than that. honestly a thousand dollars is in saint however it is what twenty three movies twenty four movie have baby and if you put them out like twenty bucks per movie forty bucks per movie. It's still not a thousand bucks yeah yeah. I don't know something's coming along with it but yeah so this this money to. I really want it. Though I WANNA get. It probably calculations until we get Kaelin's news minute. My knees is Polka Mont again. I'm really excited about it. Even though I don't have a switching and yet and what region Geller it's the gala our region. It's Sir fetched was was dropped this week. Shout out to the homie of Jenn wine. That never evolved. I wait so long so this is the thing about surf. Ashes is is a sword exclusive like it's not going to shield sword. It's all right. Mr Overreact so it's only a far fetched that has been in many battles. Helen evolve to Surf Etched Surf or fetched uses a leak like a long sharp as a sword and like the leaves of the leak as a shield baller and Sir fetched like the leak is the same leak like he doesn't get a new now because he's been at the battle but but when his leak withers he leaves battle forever when what the Fox yeah that's part part of it. What does that mean no. I don't think it actually affects anything in the chart. If is Taylor Oh is that right right so if his leak is ever to wither he will give up battling for the rest of time retired. He retired part of me. Wishes you know again a hard mode. No party wishes that he was more of Samurai and because this is more like a fencing swords joust and and they said fights like nobly he's all about fighting fairly that kind of thing which Samurais do right but the region the England nine so but yeah. That's a product so maybe they didn't they wanted we'll say Hickory MINJAH. Who was there Sammer Ouzghar Ninja and Ray. He was the number one point one for for years. I was not number one hundred saw Sir Oh oh also he has a new attack on meteor assault comes out and stabs fucking cool museum with the tongue at the time you can never get past that also like there during that time it was like there was a Ninja. There was a a witch and then there was a night yeah and so that was kind of the three always out. His tongue was always out. It's wrapped around him like the cloud I can ask hot cloud scarf worse than liquid tongue because -LICA- tongue at least hasn't out but Gr- Ninjas like let me just touch myself self with my tongue that multiple times so anything else because I love far surf etched and I liked the fact that like obviously in the lower. It's his same leak that's when he was a far fetched right but again like that only goes so far but imagine like if that should happen orange or a he's a Fi- like five hundred battles a thousand miles and then like he he leaves so pissed so past what for Whoa for them to experiment with them I would not have any no you wouldn't salute him as he goes off into the sunset. How dare you asked founded in one of your six poke. Amman's peace in the middle of it also real quick on News Ashfaq and finally one. Oh ooh A lowland league. He won a couple of all that are ten years old with twenty two years of experience but every job is looking for. There's a there's a there's a fantasy. It's like it's like I finally won the POCO on League and then BBC what it costs like art style. It has gotten a lot of shit for that but it's like. He finally went twenty. Two years later finally wanted to put him on league but in that sense again I don't like I'm here to win pokemon championships here. Bt for not to be like ashby like everybody frigo chase that girl hr's go hang out with you know you're with me till the the end you will die. Mike Arches will live beyond my best furious he knows what family means familiar that means drinking Tequila and having coronas with each each other ceiling VCR's Ali. What's your news? I my news is that I get to move onto the next segment of our show. Also Josh died so he's not here. He's dealing with family. Shit awakening coming out. It looks okay so as cory. Ali worked to bring us to our next segment. These are the questions questions by you. Your questions people other aww anyway so everyone all the listeners are encouraged to send your questions two questions at near TV DOT TV.

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