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Yeah that was royal. Saint george's where where they just played in fact. I think we had him in studio after he won the on this date. In nineteen seventy-three wilbur. Wood started and lost both games of a doubleheader. He lost twelve to two and seven. Nothing wilbur. wood started both ends of a doubleheader. Both ends and i think at the time they had the Pinstripes with the read. Their white uniforms red pinstripe and that was when dick allen was on the on the team. The white sox Let me see. Get a couple. More phone calls alex wisconsin. Hi alex what's on your mind today. Five time warner. Eighty so with game six of the finals being milwaukee tonight and rogers having a stake in the team i gotta think you might be making an appearance. Um you think that the packers released the contract information before the game to have a little battle for wisconsin sports parts. I don't know but that could be the call the week there. Alex call back tomorrow and take a victory lap if that were to happen. I don't think this is from the packers. I this feels now it. Does it make it. Seem like the packers tried to keep him. But i don't think that's been a secret. They've tried to keep they wanna keep him. They were going to extend his contract making the highest paid player in the nfl. I can't imagine aaron rodgers showing up tonight sitting next to david Yari chugging beers. It'd be great. But if he shows up wearing a broncos out like that you know then then. I think we got an idea of how this is going to work out with those fans. It's not venison section. We'll just rush him. Brian south carolina. Hi brian what's on your mind. I was just gonna say being down here in south carolina. We have probably too many ohio. Transfers down here and Working in the bar industry. I ran into a four workers off from cincinnati and after a night. Playing drinking games Yeah they were like. We're gonna eat some skyline chili. I've heard you talk about this stuff and that a At six foot two forty-three Anything with cream cheeses. Pretty good and and i found it to be a little bit better than my stepfamily from detroit. Always putting peanut butter in there. Chilly so i don't know thank you. Thank you Skyline chilly is not really chilly. It's just a topping a little. I think that brings on heightened expectations like man skyline chili. Like you think they got a big hot chili there and it's going to be so great. Get those crackers in there and then you realize that it's not exactly showing it's just a little topping. Let's go around the room. What we learned on the program toddle start with you. Big time athletes endorsing products are more than ever looking for a piece of the company either promoting as opposed to just a paycheck for doing the commercials. Yeah this is where shock is making his money. He's like you don't pay me. Just give me a piece of the company. Seton o'connor according to john berry. John smoltz super competitive. Yeah i i've been around. John and he seems mild-mannered. But i guess that ping-pong he was very competitive when he came in studio and i know he is golf and hall of fame baseball player. Paul nineteen-year-old kobe bryant used to watch michael jordan interviews. Todd wooded. I learned john. Barry thanks to center not a fractured team. They're confident and will likely win. The whole thing if they could get past milwaukee tonight wasn't my voice..

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