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Have to take on extra risk. You can't have a small business and equity and building a business. They don't want you to have wealth and you need to pay attention. To this and we all need. This is not because we chilled that's like that's like scarier than a Freddy Krueger movie. Yeah, it is. I mean, I know a lot of people have been talking about this great reset. That's come out of the World Economic Forum and well, I don't necessarily think it's a globalist plan. But like As I started the dots together, it's kind of like well. Yes, the sounds very similar to the things that they're talking about, So I don't know that there's any tie. But this taking wealth creation opportunities away from America is scary, So you need to understand what's happening. You need to understand what's happening with the Fed. You need to understand what's happening with the government and we need to stand shoulder to shoulder to stop. Yeah, it creates a renter's nation and so many people when they first start out, that's how they start. That's how they start with the equity in their home owning their property. This book is a must read the war on small business, Carol Roth and you can go to HarperCollins dot com. You can go. She hasn't linked up to Twitter. I know we were throwing, I think down on the lower third the the link as well, Carol all you're welcome on the show. Anytime I love the way that you break down some of these more complicated economic issues that people can understand you get it bite size to him. You do such a great job with that, and This book is a must read. I'm going to buy multiple copies because I want your book to do better than all of the other fools out there. So that's you know, for America. Carol. Thank you so much. I couldn't so much for your support data. Of course. Thank you. Happy Independence Day. You too. All right, folks, we have more to come as we wrap up our third hour of broadcast are still second hour broadcast. I'm like aware I'm like an hour ahead of myself. Yeah, I know. Like we we We've still have a lot more to come as we get moving on. You know, we're capitalists. We love capitalism and I love capitalism. And I also love animals and are amazing friends at Delta Rescue. I love what my friends Leo and the whole team over there a delta do. They're celebrating 40 years of service. One of the things I love about them is there It's the largest. No kill care for life animal rescue in the world, and they also consider themselves a right to life Rescue. So that means if they have, you know if they rescue animals, like you know, the mama dog is going to have some babies Every everybody is kept in a nice little happy family. I love it. And it's right there. 115 Matt Baker Mountaintop ranch. They have veterinarian hospitals, plural, all kinds of, uh, veterinarian staff, full time staff, doctors, vets, etcetera state of the art equipment. It's just amazing. They give the finest care possible, and if you're worried about taxes, a lot of people are worried about how possible increasing taxes are going to affect their charitable donations. You need to go to Delta. Rescue dot org slash dana Ask about my estate kit because they're going to tell you how to avoid paying more taxes and leave a long term legacy to my friends at Delta Rescue. So be a part of Delta's life saving mission help an animal because they only wrote, they rely on your generosity. It's only a delta rescue dot org slash dana. Can these really still your homes title? Take it from this thief who stole over 150 homes and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. This is exactly why you need home title lock. Nobody thinks that I can take their house and borrow against the house. No, no, I have titled Insurance for that. No, it's it's in my name. Or he would have to get some special document. They would call me, you know. What he's calling you after.

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