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Bowl in the middle of the of the aggies setbacks on either side of mon-. Mon- play fits sprinting out to the right? Chased by Allen can't make the tackle mon- Ron stretches and gets the first down. We think threat at the thirty four but Vicky stretch to that. Yup. There's a single first data Josh Allen dove at the ankles and couldn't make the tackle. Now the clock with gums and ends allies. Now moves on your six twenty. Kentucky trailing fourteen to seven. Aggies tied the game on their final drive of the first half. Aided by. Roughing the passer call against Kentucky when it would have been third over the sevens. That he didn't I down restored fast after his the formation here. Straight ahead. It's up to the forty two forty one yard line. Darius westie Andrei squares on the tackle. Joe Jordan Jones comes back in but way, too much first downs put down at the forty so second before. One turnover tonight and was an interception. The mon- through over the fluctuation earlier in this quarter but Kentucky after starting at its own forty nine a holding penalty that nullify the big game. Near the point three. That's right. One left for mine. Is it the William running right runs into Hoskins? But he spins away from him and gets out to the forty three yard line continuum around the forty one and Williams. Over two hundred pounds for the first time in his career and the junior from Houston running with more power there and now third one, and that's been the big difference Kentucky's head third long. Am thirteen short every single time. I down here. And you gotta start using timeouts. Four forty in the clock ticks like clocks at Tim. They're gonna let it run all the way out this time out. Texas M takes a time out with four thirty to play the game. I charge timeout Texas idea. Third down in one coming up for the aggies trend of bleed out the clock and get out of here with a victory which would take them to two and one in league play before and two overall their only two losses to do the top teams in the country.

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