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Philly named lovely finish can be a hard hard story to listen to. But while these headlines come and go the story stay with those living them, and we want to see how they're doing. So we're checking in with Joe Herrick Joe, how are you doing? Good, robin. It's been a little over a year. And we're we're getting our feet back under us here at San Luis, right? Yes. We think about the horses all the time and everyone is concerned about their pets. But these are huge animals. How do you get them out? This was always on your mind. Right. The possibility fire. Yeah. We had a lot of close calls before the fire always seem to go around us and it hit my barn. And you know, it's. You know, I I did manage to get another horse out before I got lovely finish out and that horse ran back into the stall in back into the security of the barn parish. So her name was Sarah, sunshine and team Baloch Smarden also got hit. I use us trying to get her horse out of the stone her or would not leave the stall. So she got burned a lot much much worse than I did. And how she doing? She lost her leg below her knee. And she still I mean March is on. She's she's mazing. Well, you all we're trying to get the horses to someplace safe. When suddenly we forget palm trees eucalyptus trees. The palm cheese are dry eucalyptus trees are oil these things explode. I just want to put this in context. I mean, there are some people there who make millions with these racing horses. How would you characterize yourself? Thankfully, I had of career before the training. So I was a motel motel business allowed me to do what I wanted to do which was trained racehorses. So I've been doing it for Twenty-three years, you're doing okay, you know, a billionaire because of horse racing the horses are part of your business. But what what else are they to you? Will there you know, this Philly? She ran second first time out at Delmar and my phone ring up hook for weeks people wanting to buyer, so I turned down, you know, over two hundred fifty thousand because I was so attached to her and it wouldn't have been fair to her. The grooms were calling her my girl. Friends. I have the luxury of not having to sell something. That's so valuable. Well, so let's let's continue the terrible day. You mentioned Martine Baloch an owner trying to get a horse out. She's burned terribly. You get one horse out the horses naturally when things started to explode. They ran back into the barns, which of course, are filled with things that are just going to go up in flames. You get this. Philly lovely finish out. What happened there's stalls on each side of the barn, and the there's only four bedded stalls on the other side of the barn. We wet those down for over an hour soak them, and they still ignited with all the heat and flaming debris that came in. And when those stalls ignited, the got my side going, it sounds horrible. Horses burning panicking. You have these palm trees exploding you end, the horse are burning at this point horrendous. You hoes her you take her back into a the barn to kind of build a fortress around the two of you. But then a veterinarian comes. He saying everybody got to get out, and it I you brush people off. But then you you you go with the firefighters who've come asked the vet to shoot your horse up with some painkillers you end up in the hospital with these horrible burns..

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