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And how that all might relate to doug's understanding of what he's calling source science which is really just another way saint quantum physics in a way. I mean like. I say it's remarkable remarkable stuff. Doug and i were talking just admitted ago that you know. Hey maybe doesn't have as many media appearances as some other people do. I don't know. I watched a couple of his presentations on youtube. And it's like fantastic. Stop i read the book. it's powerful stuff. And i think that the reason why we are not more welcoming as an overall society collective science community to doug's work. I think turn out to be part of this story but we gotta get to. The guy talked to dr doug. Thanks for joining me on skeptical some so glad you're here. Thanks alex appreciate it so tell us a little bit about this remarkable book. What is sort science exactly well part of it being. That's going on in the metaphysics area but also in the regular. You know I even you know like everybody's trying to figure out. Well what how are we smart you know. And how are we intelligent whereas from from you know and ultimately in like even if you include the law of attraction lob attractions as well. Where's meaning from leno. All has to do with our underlying model of how we represent thoughts and meaning which is what he is about to right and so the question is if you understand that the universe is ultimately quantum mechanical you know Vindman says the world is not classical. Bama it's quantum mechanical and so when you realize that you go well. How does that relate to all of these topics that we're just listing here. It turns out that if you look at ultimately physics has bits part of physics in other words. You no longer treat bits as computer science anymore. Physics bits are physics. It's physics the physics of black holes and quantum hold on hold on. We're already going to lose people and there's no need to lose people because your book is incredibly lucid and accessible on on that level it quickly gets deep you can quickly kinda travel cliff here but start with something simple what we talk about a lot of time on this show is the old double slit experiment. So this through the double slit experiment and then explain for us like you do really beautifully and i always point this out to people. What dean rate doctor dean rain. Many people know in wrote a just a glowing review of your book so take us to the old double slit experiment. Which i off i often say is really should be renamed as the consciousness is real experiment but how we got from there and then how there was all this confusion about it that was created and then what dean graydon did really kind of berry that once and for all from a metaphysical standpoint. Yeah the double slit experiment ties all those things that were just talking about together because it says look at the very low level quantum mechanics israel right and it has this weird property where everything is a wave. Even a single electron interacting with itself. Acts like way not multiple electron system single electron so goes through both slits at one time. And where do you put that in a box..

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