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It's just a habit cuz we have a whole other thing that I associate gry with I agree with you wholeheartedly. I thought I wanted to ask you on both accounts. They should both be up there. But why do you think cheevers isn't up there yet? Cuz that's interesting cuz he's kind of the I don't know. I will talk. I'll talk about it later. Cuz that's kind of my thing in history. Okay, I didn't know that so the mind moving on from that so but no I I do think so just because two of his numbers I think he'd is deserving a.m. And that doesn't mean the cup is just an entitlement D the it's what you do when you're in longevity as a career took is got really good numbers and they still am I ranking in the league for career numbers. So yeah, I think that he deserves it. Absolutely. I know people are going to hate it and I don't care why don't you know just wage? just the way it is, you know, I'd rather see him up there with somebody else that in my opinion possibly earned it but Doesn't have career numbers doesn't have you know, franchise leading numbers. He's got a cop and I get it and I appreciate that appreciate the effort for that, But for me, it's what you do in your whole career may not just a small fragment of it. We'll see. I think it's different when you're looking at Hall of Fame numbers versus your team members. Do you have any like you could have your there are many reasons to have your number retired but to not have someone in the rafters because they didn't want a couple like they said then we should probably tear down half of anyone we think agree. You know, that was a raging debate going on a few even with Rick Middleton, right? And I was like, nope Kubrick Middleton Bill up there like it's not just about being a Boston Bruins like as much as people hate to go. We don't know took it isn't going to be like the rest of these alumni that spend every summer doing a hockey camp for their kids come specifically,.

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