President Biden, State Farm Stadium, President Trump discussed on Arizona's Morning News


The high claims is 75 this afternoon. Then we'll call to 52 for a low tonight. Wednesday brings partly cloudy skies and a high of 74 has reached the mid upper seventies. Each day this week. I'm ABC 15 meteorologist Iris Hermosillo. Add 6 33 of his 47 degrees in Queen Creek. Coronavirus in Arizona. During his virtual tour of state Farm Stadium. President Biden learned how our state is overcoming challenges to get Arizonans vaccinated State. Medicaid is transporting people without rides to take their shots, and we're also taking advantage of the CDC Retail pharmacy partnership to make sure that we're getting those vaccines into pharmacies in hard hit areas. That's health services Director Keira Crist. Nurse Brittany Hayes says the previous shifts volunteers at the mass vaccination site trained the next shift. Somebody can come in not knowing anything about what we're doing, and then treating them as easily as possible and getting them to work in a tower ship safely and effectively. President Biden even called governor do see cooperative and very helpful with vaccine rollout. Peter same or Katie. Our news surprise. In two weeks, Pima County could get the third state run mass vaccination site. But county administrator check Huckleberry says no one told him or the other county leaders about it. He has. There's no shortage of places to get the vaccine there. We've distributed probably at this point in time about 85% of our supply. We would welcome some significant increases in vaccines being made available to my county. But the feds determined supplies are state health director Carrot Pressman the new sad announcement while she was giving President Biden that virtual tour The state Farm stadium vaccination site. Researchers are seeing signs the vaccines are working. So far, there's reason to celebrate getting good and increasingly confident data that the vaccines were actually limiting by quite a bit the overall number of infections and that's not all University of Arizona Immuno biology professor Deep up, Bhattacharya points out far as we can tell, all of them do quite well against keeping out of the hospital. He's also happy to see research that shows that Current vaccines are for the most part, still effective against nuke over 19 variants that are emerging Griselda City. No, Katie A. Our new place Now on the Phoenix PD Challenge coin controversy. Retired GPS Colonel Frank Milstead believes any officers involved in creating the coin, which is dated 2017 and depicts a protester shot in the groin. Could be terminated at the end of the day. The police have to remain neutral, and we also have to be there to support everyone's ability to speak. What's on their mind, now said, also tells the mic broom head show officers who have it are eroding public trust. Phoenix City Councilman Salve Assist hotels Katie A. R. He's frustrated at the constant claims of racism being made against the police department. We don't mind looking at things we don't mind it all. But at some point it becomes an abuse of taxpayer money abuse of our police officers. And this night Intense, has got to come to an end. The city's hired an outside law firm to investigate the coin allegation. Motown.

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