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Tide struck. We're talking about 10 foot waves, High tide and Wow, Did the surf come in? Wow. Indeed, for a while, the water was as much as two feet deep in some areas and flowed into many garages in the ground floors of some homes. Total amount of damage, not clear yet. Ah, Lifeguard had to be hospitalized after he got hurt, rescuing two teens from high water knew the Belleville appear. At one point the water search capsized a sailboat and pushed it ashore. Several people aboard all managed to get off safely with the help of some local residents. They Raced out and help those folks out things looking up. This boy this afternoon for firefighters have been battling fires near the running spring fire that is now running springs in the San Bernardino National Forest. Mandatory evacuations were ordered for some residential areas in a nearby campground after the fire broke out yesterday afternoon near Old City Creek Road and Highway 3 30 behind the seven Oaks Damn And the highway itself was shut down for a while. But those orders and the closure all later canceled as fire crews started to get a handle on the situation, And at last word, the flames have been confined to about 100 acres. Let's see. We have a crash in mid city l A. This is the West bound 10. That's certain to slow things down. We'll take a look at that the rest of traffic in just four minutes I It's Jamie Progresses. Employee of the month, two months in a row, leave a message at the Hi Jamie hit me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song. But the name your price tool So when it's like, tell us what you want to pay. Hey, trombone goes Bah bah wah and you say we'll be fine Curvature options defeat your budget Then we just all do. Finger snaps will acquire goes state was coming at your savings coming.

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