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You and the priority. Last night was hanging onto elite. I mean florida state was down by eighteen. And i thought this thing was gonna get a nice night asleep able to hang out with. Jay will nice arrested. No florida's state comes back in the fourth quarter. Raging back and forces overtime. They weren't able to make their own thirty seven yard attempt to the field goal. Notre dame capitalizes in wins. But it was an epic finish to this game. I got so yesterday. After the incredible games i saw on saturday yesterday. How me and my own feelings right. I wake up sunday morning. I just feel like it's natural. This should be nfl season. Like where am i nfl games. So i was dreading that i was missing that for. That's inevitably be led to that game. That i saw last night between notre dame and florida state it was emolument to- game and look. I've had a knee injury. I've had an injury that took me out of sports. Why jordan travis played well until he got knocked right but watching mackenzie milk come in from ucf and if you go back to that game at he had again south florida where need dislocation has not played in over a thousand days in an official game to watch him lead. Florida state down ten going into that fourth quarter a big time comeback. Just those types of stories in sports even dame won the game but we can get into notre dame football and kelly and some of the pieces that they have jack. Cohen played a great game. Happy for him to transfer as well. But just the millen piece to me really stuck out. Because i love seeing those types of stories not for the money just were too sheer love of the game that come back and play at that level. I love what you just said they will because you think about what's happened for him over a thousand days and this isn't somebody that came back because their family depends on that cash right like this. Is somebody transferred and fought for the opportunity to get back on the field because they love the game they just wanna be on the field and to come in and have so much control when it's been so long and to not have the moment like your down your playing notre dame. It was an emotional night for florida state to as they started their process of honoring coach. Bobby bowden which still do this season. You have all of these emotions. Coming in and mackenzie milton was able to bottle it all up and channel in such a positive way. I think that's a stunning thing for somebody to be able to do like. I don't think a lot of people listening right. Now that are that are. Grown adults can handle that moment as well as a kid handle that moment kid. That's fought his way back to be able to play like that's such a cool part of a story winner lewis and you're sitting there saying okay. I'm walking away. Not game saying jordan. Travis. played decently but mackenzie mill might have stolen. The i q i mean. I've got an opportunity to be the leading. Qb moving forward for this team. And that's how scenarios workout. Now i look. I gotta give mark street a lot of credit. He's a new came over. Cincinnati four notre dame like watching him choosing nuredaim dame over lsu dot deepen still needs to get better off so there was some lulls but i love the energy he plays with. I love the feeling that notre dame gave me last night bringing in a row especially a lot of teams struggle on the road in that first game and since we're in acc go north carolina watching north carolina. Lose to virginia attack. Was one of those things you like. All right sam. How project top five pick. Where are they going to be struggling rome winning on the road. It's tough in your first game back in that type of environment and and you know it's such an interesting thing when you're watching games because there's a fine line no matter the sport between great offense and bad defense right what we saw last night where some beautiful i mean. Some of those big plays were just big. Time throws that were imperfect spots. Now that being said executions always gonna be part of it. And i think the wild moment that everybody's talking about is brian kelly after the game talking to katie george when she asked specifically about the teams execution favor of execution maybe maybe our entire team they executed after tonight. We just didn't.

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