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Two occasional snow Monday one to two inch accumulation as possible at a high near thirty two degrees Matt Taos is a brand ski is being held without bond after Poland granted a Chicago police request to extradite him back to the US the branch he's charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing his roommate twenty four year old Sarah press a logo back in twenty thirteen WGN TV Shannon Halligan has more suspected then her roommate Matteo said Brent skeet strangled and stabbed her multiple times after the two got into an argument the medical examiner's office determined she was stabbed in the head neck three times in the chest four times in the abdomen however it wasn't until now that prosecutors were able to press charges because the prince he fled to Poland immediately after crystal of a was killed good county prosecutors say that's a rescue went to visit his mother after the killing allegedly handing over to her the murder weapon a butcher knife to hide police say that mom then borrowed over twenty three hundred dollars so we could leave the country prosecutors say they have recovered that knife unity activist from the group by blocked by hood by city are nearing the end of their drive to get volunteers they've already got eight hundred to hang the holiday lights along the homes and businesses on king drive as a symbolic effort to trade krama for hope Jamal Cole one of the organizers of the be part of allied campaign Talbot WGN GB's Gaynor hall I want people to come together interact with each other on a human level and what better place to do that and doctor martens changes are with eight hundred volunteers this month Jamal Coles my block my hood nice city is giving homes a holiday.

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