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Sorry. Run heavy offense is in the NFL not taking proper vantage of DeShaun Watson break. Right comes in, and all we hear the entire off season is that Andrew luck has the thrown pass. Andrew luck is not in football shape Willie ever even play again. What's going to happen to his arm? This is such a disaster. He's been through in college football. He's been throwing a pro football is the throne high school football. You know all these different discussion points about is he throwing a tennis ball? What is even throwing and everybody was so scared of Andrew lock. And what is Frank Reich, do they go? Sixty percent pass on first downs in the first half the third highest rates in the NFL. Why is he throwing the ball so much with a quarterback who he got questions about his arm? We don't know what he's going to do it. We'll guess what? That's going to keep them out of third and long situations. By having a high pass rate on first down they're going to avoid that. And guess what they say the second fewest average yards to go on third down, only six point three yards to go. That was the second best rate in the entire NFL by being social a pass heavy team on first down in the first half they ranked six in my customers. Politic really down success rates. So they're really good at bypassing third downs altogether. And when they did get faced with third down. There were very achievable third down situations that helps the quarterback that prevents him from taking extra hits an extra damage that you sustain when you're in third and predictable, which is like third in law, so Frank, right? Did something came into something completely non-conventional that most coaches would not do with a quarterback like Andrew lock and had a lot of success. Another thing that he did was he adapted his personnel, the six week. When Jack Doyle was healthy. The colts used the third knows twelve personnel, and the third least eleven personnel on early down. So they were very much too tight end team when Jack Doyle was healthy. But when Jacqueline went out, obviously, we know he got injured, we had high hopes for him last year, but he got injured their eleven personnel rates skyrocketed, they were the third least when Jack Doyle was healthy, they went to the second most eleven personnel, any tire league once Jack Doyle went out when passing on early down. So Frank Reich clearly adapted to his personnel. So he did a couple of things most coaches don't do he passed the ball a lot on early down. One of the highest rates in the league which helped them avoid third along situations and did so with a quarterback that the entire media sphere was talking about is, is not even ready to play football this year. And then he also was a great at adapting personnel, something that a lot of other coaches. Don't do enough. They say, well, this is my system. I wanna run this and I'm just going to execute this. But Frank Reich realized when his player went down, he's gonna have to overhaul a lot of the things that they did. And he was able to do that. And his team had a ton of success, the first year in Indianapolis that I'm obviously optimistic about his ability to continue making plus easy coaching decisions this year and into the future up in India. Last question that I have worn and then we'll get you out of here is just the bears. I, I remember last year, a lot of people like the bears on the over in their win. Total beds. Do you think the bears continue to progress from what we saw last year? Or do you think that they take a step back? What a bears had so many things going for them last season. If we remember they had they were one of the most speed up injured teams on an annual basis like starting in two thousand sixteen they were bottom five team in terms of their injury rate, literally, the last two years. Thirty two and thirty one they moved up to the third most healthiest team in terms of adjusted games loss, which is a football ciders metrics that they track that's a huge benefits that they had last season. They also has one of the easiest junks in terms of strength schedules that they played from twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen it was the easiest jump in the league in terms of the shift in strength of schedule. They got a ton of new players that the added to the mix, whether it's Alan Robinson Taylor Gabriel trae Burton. And then, of course right at the start of the season. They add Khalil Mack on the defense. And so this is like a night and day difference from John FOX and Dowell loggains is awesome to coordinator to. What they brought in with Matt Nagy the increase health better players, the easier schedule Mitch Trubisky sophomore season which ended up being a lot better. And a lot of quarterbacks do have better sophomore seasons. I'm not so sure that this year we're going to see the same level of expectations. I mean this team should still be at good team a strong offense all things being considered. But their schedule of run d senses takes one of the biggest junks difficulty this year. They don't have Vic Fangio's genius on the defensive side of the football. And, you know, if you look at who they played last year hugged him having a easy schedule when they did play good quarterback lake Tom Brady. Like Aaron Rodgers like Russell Wilson. These guys are putting up decent numbers against them. Even Brock Osweiler put up ninety was like a ninety four sorry at nine point five yards per temps into one. Oh, four. Passer rating. So the, the defense look, awesome against like in Nathan Peterman, and Eli, and Nick Molins, foles Sam darnold, Sam Bradford. But they didn't do quite as well against some of the more both average quarterbacks in the league. And they've got a tough schedule this year. They play the saints charters eagles and Rams in a five week span. They end the season with the Cowboys Packers chiefs in Vikings in consecutive weeks, like I'm not super high in the north. I think not Patricia is just just poor peeling the offense of the Detroit Lions and it's terrible way with some of his reliance on the run game and forcing his team to be more run heavy offense. And and I'm not overall just as high on the NFC north, as some people are. So I think the bears are certainly going to be contention to win that division. But I don't think the season is going to look nearly as easy to them this upcoming year as it did last year. Warren, where can people get your book and I'm no? If I asked you the name of it at the start so people can find it when it's available. It's just gonna be called Warren, sharps twenty nineteen football preview, and it's going to be sold up on Amazon probably around July second. We haven't got it officially, you know, certified to be published there in terms of like accepted, but it's, it's going to be submitted their and it usually takes about a three day turnaround. So as soon as we're done, it's going to be up there on Amazon, and that's, that's the best bought to find it. You can also eventually by the PDF, if you prefer the PDF at short football analysis dot com. But the book itself, the best spot to grab that is definitely going to be Amazon. Awesome more and always appreciate the time. And like I say, you really need to be following him on Twitter at sharp football to get his sharpens. I is that your real last name or did you like is that, like your, your stage name? Now. That's, that's fortunately, my real last name. Well, it works out. Very well, thanks worn. Thanks for having me, raw men. That was incredible. It really was. That was unbelievable. I love episodes like this. We could do this so much more. So good almost as.

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