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What has been built shipment done. What is this work that Dick Monfort is so exceedingly pleased about? He did nothing. He didn't pick up the phone, he ghosted other general managers. And when they did get through to him, he had a ridiculously high. Asking value for Trevor Story. I could have done that. I want your top eight prospects and 3/5 of your rotation or no deal. I could have done that. You could have done that. That's not doing work. Making it so The only thing that will go on is the status quo is not work. That's actually the antithesis of work. That's the absence of work. Letting things continue the way they are. Letting the roster stay the same. Only being forced to make moves when a guy gets hurt. That's not work. That's not even a gig. We live in the gig economy, right? Everybody's got a side deal. Side hustle. I call switchbacks games. I have friends and co workers across the hall. That broadcast sporting events that work for Teams in this city. Do marketing or What have you You may have a side gig. Maybe you're an uber driver on the weekend. Maybe you do some door dash. All of that. Is far more work. Then build what Bill Schmidt did. But they're impressed with him. They like the work he's done. Which is say Yes, sir. When Dick Monfort tells him to do something I mean, you take the gig If your Bill Schmidt, you take the gig. Right? I mean, Bill Schmidt is not that much different than Vic Fangio. If you get offered a head coaching job, you take it. You've been in the game for how long without an opportunity to lead either a team or an organization. If you're offered the job, you take it. I don't begrudge Bill Smith. I'm just saying, this is complete and utter nonsense. And by saying they'll conduct a search. That's in effect them saying they're not going to conduct a search. We're going to do a search, but we really like this guy. That means you're going to give him the job. And so any search that you feel like you're doing is a sham. It's a force. Can't wait till Nick grope. Interviews, a quote unquote GM candidate off the record and rights in the athletic About how they showed up. And they knew they weren't actually interviewing for a job. That athletic piece is coming out. This winter. Be ready for it. Nick broke with collaboration from Ken Rosenthal. Rockies farce GM search One of the an excerpt from the pieces going to inevitably Detail How somebody got turned around at Coors Field went down the wrong hallway. And found an office that, said Bill Schmidt, general manager. Not interim, not acting general manager. And they're going to see the maintenance guy screwing in the plaque on the outside of his door. I mean, we have journalistic malpractice. We have medical malpractice. This is sports malpractice. Handing the job over to someone who did nothing. The entirety of the summer. Except his real job. Which is the scouting director. Bill Schmidt put in a lot of work there. Remember Bill Schmidt when he was introduced as interim general manager said, I got to catch up on learning about our guys. Giving you even know these players, some of them he drafted. But once they, you know, they go through his bucket. That's it. You're not watching Trevor Story play or John Gray. He's focused on Iava Pie Junior College. Impressed with the work he's done. Give me a break. I was talking to somebody earlier today and he says, do we need to find a new team? I'm like, You know what? I don't like anybody in baseball. That's why I'm at Don't like anybody. I can't think about Going in another team. The Rockies. Have ruined me to the point that I can't even be a fair weather fan. Can't fake it. Enough to sell it to somebody at a bar or on the street. Oh, yeah, I'm You know? Red Sox fan or I'm a Yankee fan or Braves fan. I can't even do it. I can't. I can't even barely think of a team. Least layer walkers gaining all of fame, right. Like just we can bank on that and Wednesday will be fun. Just I see headline Right Tweets Rockies are going to avoid the 100 losses that everyone said they would have. Who cares. So they're losing 90 instead of 100. What a major success. What a building block! Only thing worse. Then the orange and blue state run media is the purple and black state run media. People will make it their job to trumpet every little tiny thing that the Rockies do positively. It's like no Like how do you Again. You take the gig. Right? You take the job. You take the salary. I get it. But don't just get just know that everything you say is going to be laughed off. Cause there's nothing positive about this season. The home record is a complete Uh huh. It's just a cosmic mistake. They've hit the most grand Slams in the most walk off. Yeah. When's the last time that someone described hitting Grand Slams and walk off home runs as the strength of a team? It's happenstance. It's chance. Any success the Rockies have had or lack of failure is a better way to put it is my complete and utter chance..

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