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He comes from apparently apparently a very wholesome household because his very concerned about his mom seeing him kiss on the show. He's not used to the whole bachelor format. Considering he was eliminated on night one of hannah's season so he he's very slow to kiss sydney which he does before the rose ceremony and which she gives him her rose but then he ends up going out on a date with brie who is super beautiful and from ariz no she's from. She's from colton season. Why would i think she's from colton. Season totally under the radar she comes in and mapping donald goes take with her and they kiss their to donald by the way. I said mcdonald but it's donald john. It is donald donald donald he you know he was being kind of hyped up as the next grocery store joe. I don't know if he's got that swagger now. Actually i am all four wholesomeness. I really am like it's nice especially good to see on the show but it feels weird to me. I love my mom but i don't want her to see me doing weird stuff on t._v. That's not good for anybody but it felt like almost awkward for me to watch him. Say do this because my mom would it like it. It was super weird. I'm like you're an adult. You're on the bachelor. Your mom ab- i'm sure condones you being on the bachelor because this is your second time around. It's okay. It was super awkward because she said i'm sorry i keep saying but she said that thing like. How do you say kiss and then he was like. I don't think i can hindu that. I mean so we agree like matt. Donald seems like a nice do he seems like his intentions are good. He you know the women are saying saying he super attractive. They're into it. I i'm rooting for matt donald here. I mean i know his like whole. Hey i'm not gonna kiss you thing because my mom's watching feels feels weird but then he ends up kissing her he doesn't hold back from the kissing after he gets comfortable the cameras i get it like when you show i mean he was only we forget this. He was only there for a few hours. During his time on the bachelorette he hasn't used to the cameras at all. The rest of these people are he shows up now for the first time ever he's in front of cameras and he's dating and he's gonna be kissing is a hard transition so let's all we can't forget here. I think for me. I got like right away. I was like well. That's weird. He's being weird and then i was like no for the first time ever this dues in front of cameras and he's being pursued for the first time ever like he got thrown thrown in bast to this whole thing he did. He's not used to it and the dow happened. The night wonders that paradise but he's going to thrive. E kind of already feels like it right. I mean you see with with brie. Who is a beautiful the person we've met bree and she's into them so now matt donald has his hands full and i wonder how i want hailey to i do well. I want hailey to do well. Why can't haley in mappi okay. Why can't they be dating. I just feels like i think that haley haley. I honestly thought haley j. p._j. Where the couple that can make it work remember when we said like going into paradise floor. It's shot that we were like the the j. p. J. and haley makes so much sense together <hes> she like. She said that he's playful and funny and smart and they could. You know that she could be a really good match with jay p._j. But we obviously that she didn't no longer felt that way eventually but we still want happiness haley but i guess we want happiness for everyone. Yeah i mean we do but at the same time we want good matches and it feels like the j._p. Jay haley match worked also feels like matt. Donald is compatible. Here with a lot of the women left in paradise. I mean we see sitting still in tune by giving him her rose and then we see brees situation kind of come to a head with her. Ask him out on the day matt..

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