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Yeah. They're really enjoyable that was like the ninety ninth take like David fincher just like eating out every sense I'm ocean or like believability from you but. You know what? I'd been thinking when I was going through all this I was like you know what? God dammit why Hasni ever made a musical as well? Yes, he has. Is he has he's essentially making these Bob Fosse. Videos with Paula Abdul. For a two year stretch and He did I have no idea whether adventure things Paula Abdul can sing that I guarantee you. He thinks he's an incredible choreographer and dancer and David Fincher for this period of time I think he sort of. Moved on from this a bit although you can still see it when like. He just decides to expose Daniel Craig's torso at various points in Dragon Tattoo. But he's fascinated with the human body and how it moves and I think so she And it's really interesting to watch him kind of like approach this from awake I always think of musicals is this idea of like you know the person filming it or the person choreographing directing it is really like attached to like. The like let every voice sing aspect of musicals but I think ventures only interested in the human bodies moving the music is secondary, maybe the rhythm matters or whatever. But it's fascinating to see him come at something that we think of is so like a a few sieve and full of emotion and he's like, no, I'm interested in the way the knee moves. I'm interested in the way an elbow crosses and stuff like that. It's so cool. Yes. So the the the video that were essentially talking about his coldhearted, which is from nineteen, eighty nine and is in fact an. To seen from all that jazz the Bob Fosse film where he's doing the choreography for takeoff with us and This was an interesting video to watch as a seven year old I would say it It created some new feelings inside me. She we talk about the erotic awakening that music videos provided at that time. Yes. Please speak on it Chris. Had just like a lot of stuff in music videos that was you wouldn't see ordinarily let's just put it that way both in terms of dance. In terms of the human body being exposed. And I remember this was on a loop. And I felt things you know what? I felt things that as a young man, I only have felt. The first time going.

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