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Could we just roll Jim Acosta in the middle of the day in mcallen, Texas with his sunglasses on at the border fence, and what he discovered, and here's some of the steel slaps at the president's been talking about right here as you can see. Yes, you can't see through these lots to the other side of the US beco- border. But as we're walking along here, we're not seeing any kind of imminent danger. There are no migrants trying to rush toward this fence here in the mcallen, Texas area. Matter of fact, there's some other businesses behind me along this highway. There's a gas station Burger King and so on, but no sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about as a matter of fact, it's pretty tranquil down here. Yeah. You know, where it's not in the San Diego area. This guy is crazy. First of all is this the worst system worst reporting ever versatile. I've just picked random space, and I'm going there. And by the way, the thing I'm against the wall is right here. So you could see through it. So it's more of a fence, which I might people are more for offense than a wall. But let me just show you it's completely effective. But instead I'm going to spin this as nobody's ear. There is no -mergency. Yes. Because the friggin wall is right there. Also, it might have something to do with your wearing sunglasses usually people are coming in the cover of darkness. Where was he when I went down to gallon Texas with our border patrol in the middle of the night. Do you remember do did you come with did not go with you? But I do we have danger to it. So you and I met and they still haven't gotten. You're right. Went down there. I watched the boats come over in the middle of the night. I watched the people come over in droves, mcallen, Texas is kind of a hot spot, but not in the middle of the day, not wear the border fences. Instead where there is no fence, Jim what a complete and utter dope. And everyone at CNN. Shame on you. Shame on would have stepped in earlier, but I will never stop Jim Acosta rats. Medico until it's over. I mean think about it ever. You're not a news guy. Right. No, news guy. Let's say you're in charge of CNN, and this dope comes on your screen. And you're watching it in the office, and your even your even against the border wall. Okay. You're against it. Let's say you're you're crazy against it. But you got a business to run you pick up the phone at Jim Acosta. Kutina, Mr. Heaton. Jim Acosta Jim Acosta's on the online to pick it up. And what do you say? I would say Jim we've got a hot story for you. It's logical fallacies. I, you know, I don't think that a across the border Boorda walls, a good use of funds. So I don't think this is a good that said though, the logical holes in it are much bigger than the current border wall. You know? And there's parts where it's mountainous. You're not gonna put a fence or a wall there, and there's like like again from from a from a safety issue if he were to focus on the math side of this. I'd I'd be with him on it where most of the drugs that are coming in. They're coming through legal ports. They're not coming from cross the border. Most of the forty percent of the people overstaying their visa, they're already here that said, though, if you pick a random spot of wall and go, look, it's peaceful. There's I don't know math that well, but it's like more than eighty feet like you could pick and choose wherever you want it to be into a cancer ward and gone. I've just I've just found this woman. She's cancer free. Every talking about cancer. She has cancer nurse team. I think Jim Acosta was aware of this controversy because his next report. Hold on. Yes. Layer before he posted after this happened. And he gets I'm getting beat up online. Everyone writing stories mocking him. I mean, he paid attention to. I think thing, oh, whatever. Jim Acosta's always paying attention to what people are saying about Jim Mukasa. That is the number one goal of Jim Mukasa every day. I'm going to I'm going to tonight. I have to post some Jim Acosta reports I'm going to do some Jim Acosta reports on Facebook. I can't take like that. But he he did his next report..

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