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You know what's what's what's really interesting is if you look at how other animals communicate with each other and they do right we're way behind the times because we don't have to communicate with animals right but there are a lot of birds that really know the alarm calls of their neighboring species because it helps them survive so nature ready communicates in many ways just without us in the loop so we probably should get in the loop destiny's cursing she's the research director of the wild dolphin project her full talk dot com on the show today anthropomorphic what we can learn about ourselves by observing animals including our closest relatives so what's what's the story about illness yeah Amos he was and some mail a handsome chimpanzee email me distinguished he sings in temples is also he was a handsome male he was he was beautiful and very intimidating physically but T. rarely used his sim sempre of force this is on the wall he's a primatologist at Emory University in Amos he was an alpha male yeah name is sort of interesting story because he was a very popular alpha male and also males become popular if they keep the peace and and keep everybody happy and and bring harmony to the correct that's it that's the one the ones that they really like and chimpanzee society at the end.

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