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That name is al Guido president of the NFC champion San Francisco forty Niners from the program he has been in that position since twenty sixteen overseeing all the key business initiatives for the Niners al you're preparing to take on the Kansas City Chiefs next weekend how do you think the Super Bowl win might help forty Niners attract free agents and there's a championship team get an added to go shooting bows Lankford in a one out he won't play for coach in organization the values you and that's got a spot but as you know in the in this it's all competitive in this league I mean look last year we come together and teachers last year from mobile to Miami and so you know we were from a record perspective not one of the best teams in the NFL I think we still attracted some great free agents here because of our coach click out of our front office because of our ownership group because of the market we plan the fan base our stadium all of our resources radar operation so I think a lot of you know this is not a look it's nice certainly I'm sure doesn't hurt but I don't think it's you know it's it's probably one of the main things that people go through their minds when they decide to inside with the teams and how about the personal opportunities for players right to Jimmy corrupt low cornerback sees me getting a obviously a lot of attention right he's gonna be a quarterback in in the Superbowl how much you think for for players in their own individual brands kind of getting this far and having the spotlight helps them personally a huge help think about we've obviously played two playoff games now and you know what those ratings are like and how many people are now exposed to the forty Niners that might not necessarily be exposed on a normal Sunday all of those things calm and and what I love about you know Jimmy in particular I mean his main focus turned down by a lot of these opportunities because frankly a sole focus is to win a Superbowl I think it's a great story about the corrupt alone shirtless tee shirt did you get what you baby no no the one that killed it yes I do have one and then we're also that this feels great baby is down in the in the team store which those things that we thought the Santa hat it feels great baby it we cannot keep those things in stock the Santa hat right now which is the red hat he wears it does any other assets logo on the flat brand I'll trade and we just literally cannot get those things in fast enough before they sell out I feel like there's almost the the the the kind of apparel and hats T. shirts etcetera that are not maybe traditional you know team logo kind of things but our but are more maybe inside jokey or more kind of of the moment seem to be having they they seem to be flying off shelves are a bit more I think the more traditional stuff is that right yeah it's been it's been it's been that way for us this year too if you look at like our players and a and a lot has got me is certainly this past week in an earlier in the season our players want no where are all white throwbacks remarks are ninety four ninety five syllable season and sure sure of course been very vocal about it now we we love the Yunis out a yes and and wanted to bring him back in his his father was here during that time and this size we I think the whole in a cell phone and I'll see everyone of these leads me to look at what the NBA star and I think it's great between the city uniforms Accenture I mean he'll bring in more flair more flavor into some of the sports because I think if you know the tracks all demographics I mean obviously there's no doubt we I feel we have one of the most classic uniforms and all all sports between our road in our home jerseys and we you know we've altered from that the past but I would say that you know of course the last long as I've been here ten years we've always had those classics but yeah we we we brought it all black couple years ago that sold really well now all white which everybody loves I think the NFL carry on conversations within this week I mean it's going to continue to evolve and frankly what we might allow the teams and or Nike as our partner to maybe create on behalf of these clubs to attract maybe a different plan give us a glimpse what we're talking about there well what I mean there's always been this conversation around you know if you go to college football fan my best example their origins the one that jumps out at me like there is a change it every week that's exactly right now I don't think we'll ever get to that license I don't know certainly not the near future I haven't heard that but also balls lodges change helmet colors and all he does things were the NFL prize is shot away from some of that and so you know who knows and I to me right now the way it works is you got your or your home get your home in your row traditional then you have your alternate then you have your throw back and then you have your call rush and so for us Blackstar alternate all whites are color rush and we don't have a throwback just yet now you know will they start to say and it's a lot of you guys cover this on the business side it's not just as easy as saying Hey let's just crazy New Jersey neck you've got a part in stock it's got a bunch of other stuff that happens but I do think you know there might be a time where frankly with maybe allow more jerseys are we allowed maybe a change of of pants and and and and and Jersey tops or how may change colors so all of that's on the discussion line and has been for awhile and I would imagine those those conversations continue on up next we continue our conversation with San Francisco forty Niners president bell Guido and discuss the NFL's outlook for revenue and the player appeared to come to me leading up to the Superbowl that is straight ahead on Bloomberg business or sports Bloomberg radio around the world Michael bar on.

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