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Health which owns so shore hospital in well for C. company that controls the north shore medical facilities could be coming together they both released statements on Monday saying they are moving forward with discussions on developing a tighter relationship now well force owns tufts Medical Center Lole General Hospital also Melrose Wakefield healthcare social hospital was nearly bought by partners healthcare back in twenty fifteen that deal though eventually fell through they recently announced plans to expand into Quincy center part of a partnership with bring in health and partners healthcare at six twenty six a story that certainly hits close to home for me the news business right now seeing its worst job losses in a decade some three thousand people have been either late offer offer buyouts in the first five months of this year cuts have been widespread but are mostly targeting digital print websites and also newspaper companies CNN did also should jobs this year your research center saying that eighty eight thousand people worked in news rooms across the country in twenty seventeen despite that the number of students majoring in journalism and broadcasting in college is on the rise go figure well we all know critical thinking important skill to keep us sharp on many aspects of business in many aspects of life mind edges a learning house based in Waltham and route with a new study on how confident Americans are with their critical thinking skills eighty eight percent of respondents saying they were confident in those skills however sixty nine percent of participants struggle to identify fake news and social media posts and Frank Connolly is with minded saying there are some things that we can all work on capital and questions double check the skills themselves or the mindset itself is not difficult but it just takes more time your top stories with deb Lawler next.

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