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Holiday but it's not just limited to Chinese equities that we'll save however the topics down by eight tenths of one percent Nikkei two to five jobs one percent another as safe havens what the yen gain in the risk of environment so a quarter of one percent full of the Japanese yen trading at one OO nine spot five five the big dollars post indexing things a tenth of one percent the pound loses steam down a tenth of one percent once bought three one two two the old market so the concerned there's about how much this virus hits the growth over China of course the saws virus did have an impact on China's overall growth to the tune of some to percent WTI crude jobs one point nine percent this out fifty five dollars sixty five point three to sixty two eighteen and just in the fixed income markets of course ahead of the ECB meeting today US bench what you've tried it once was seven four percent sit down by two basis points of the moment right will Bloomberg daybreak seven customer terminals when you when you need to start your day let's get a check of the top headlines with daybreak editor Brian found alive from Tel case of prime hello to you now I will start with what speed was saying there about Wuhan it's effectively sealed off now I'm just give us the details of what's going on in terms of of the quarantine I think we possibly don't have Brian yeah maybe I'm let's try to get a line up to a broad all day break editor who is alive from Tokyo but its hands all of the newsletter this morning so obviously the main story in the markets being around hand and the the virus but to say the other things that we're watching out for is the easy pace is a picture of Christine Lagarde and the head of the C. B. that we're expecting her to kick off this strategic review later today officials potentially planning a two part approach basically the breaks out inflation targeting that's according to people familiar with the matter and so basically trying to bring in a new frame was given in a very low inflation figures that we've had within Europe and also increasing the god saying to officials please don't mention to much about the city you if you before is officially announce what we cannot go back to brown found on the line from tech is a brown good morning to you let's just update is if you would on the latest about will have in this city of eleven million people being effectively sealed off yeah for with a very diverse dramatic development planes and trains that would normally be leaving the city of all been stomped within the city subways and fairies and buses have all been stopped as well on an average day some thirty thousand people flying out of blue on according to air traffic control that data so that's a lot of people who are not going to be in the air the WHL has also said that it's delaying until today decision on whether to declare a public health emergency of international concern meantime we have hundreds of millions of Chinese expected to start traveling both domestically and overseas starting tomorrow pretties weeklong holidays so there is a lot of concern about what may happen in the next few days and I think that's why we saw the stock market selling off today get out while while you while they can I guess yeah absolutely having said that there is some hope when it comes out sheets of battling the pharmacy even though the death toll is is has gone off exactly so the national institutes of health NIH says that a potential vaccine could move into early stage human testing in the next three months it helps that the disease is in the same group as sars and Murray so developers have a little bit of a of a head start and how to attack it we also have a report from a medical journal saying that the illness may have jumped to humans from snakes initially and baths may also be playing a role these these both of these things are are eaten in some parts of China like Wuhan so that may have been one of the sources of the problem I'm fairly bright I'm something completely different we've been talking a bit about that Boris Johnson getting breaks it through now through parliament and of course you have the bank of England's decision at the end the end of the week of the month I should say talking about what's going to happen in terms of right somewhere sterling goes of course very bored an amazing shots of the tail mule page really suggesting that sterling may be in for a bit of a lift because I think it's strong to dominion bank strategist saying possibly a seven percent rally to one dollar forty what's going on absolutely filled boomer did a survey of managers and on average the strategist now expect the the pound to gain three percent this year not withstanding the be east of its tail the forecast factors in the likelihood of at least one cut and as you mentioned Toronto dominion bank actually proceeds to cuts in the first half even so it expects the the effects of brick of brexit to actually turn positive and and be a a a for this for the pound going forward and he expects a seven percent rally to one dollar and forty cents by the end of the year okay that's one that will wash of course currently where it's a dollar thirty one this morning so thank you so much too broad found a day back and it's a joining us live from Tokyo for the news you need to start your day by customers can access that day great music by typing in D. A. Y. B. on the Bloomberg terminal right let's get let's on global news has been buzzing and good morning was it good morning as impeachment trial of president trump continues his defense team is confident of a quick so one of his Lewis says there is no question that trump will continue in office but how was the impeachment saga hitting trumps image abroad speaking to bring Beck's secretary of state Mike Pompeii says it barely even comes up as a come up it almost never comes up in the meetings with my counterparts there's too many important things going on in the world America is to close a partner today I'm with countries in the carribean reaching here in Kingston they care about so much that we do they're such good friends and allies they they see the noise in Washington but it is not something they would think in the time that we have between us that they would raise no two year of Italian prime minister Decepticon Tay's.

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