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In record numbers. And that changes something that's always been broken in this country, doesn't fix it. But we have always lived with this promise that we live in a Representative democracy. But in fact, you know, our government institutions have not represented us, and they still don't just you know, it's still it's still percent. Don't worry. We're not anywhere close to actual representation. But. But that kind of thing new new faces new models for what leadership might look like that actually does begin to get us moderately closer to something like the founding promise that has always gone on met. When when you look at the way women's Anga is Mets in in in many conversations. The a disconnect between angle when it comes from a man and then angle when it comes from women as you say like, you know, when I was watching the Kevin hearings planes. I remember thinking to myself, Dr Ford was composed and she was ready tough situation. I thought to myself if she had reacted the way Brad Kavanagh did berating people in screaming shot. She would have been dragged out of the people will be like, oh, this is crazy people would have said things like that. They would have that's that's the notion around. We can't even imagine it. The only you imagine her screaming I like beer, and it's like. Or turning the questions back on to a tire. You know, if you ever blocked blackout can you imagine turning those questions back on the Senate Judiciary? She would have been arrested. Then how do how do women than us that anger in a way? Because like I won't deny that I've also had re frame how I think of it in my head wacko like, oh, yeah. Like, it's just people get angry people can use the anger and positive ways. But how do you then move it forward for him? How do you say the women like how this is how we use Anga in a way that doesn't get blocked by men part of the trick is not telling women how to express or not express their anger differently. It's doing what you just said. Which is you've had to adjust your ears to how you hear women's anchor. So we can't necessarily work our way through a system that doesn't make room for our fury. Right. But we can start to listen to the fury of other women differently. And understand it as valid. We can start to listen for women's anger and think oh, wait. Maybe that's pointing me toward something that's broken and needs to be fixed instead of hearing, she's crazy rights, and that's part of that. Part of the..

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