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But it's supposed to be a significant performance improvement over the original chip set. He does he's marks with the Kieran chip from highway the nine eight him, which is also based on the a seventy. Okay. So actually if he's comparing it to a Karen nine eighty but was. That might be something for smart funds for the PC yet. But he does talk about the fact that Qualcomm platforms coming this carry seven nanometer part. I have to say that when I'm looking at his geek bench scores. Anyway, that the apple a twelve just whoops in and actually even the ten. Whoops it. So all right. So actually, let's go down a little bit of a sidetrack here because you mentioned that. And I think this is kind of I didn't put this into notes I almost did. But I don't know if it was last week of the week before we were talking about the MAC book air, and how it has a. Y series Intel core processors still core a generation. Yep. We've had a anyone who reviews, laptops. Or is us one of these dogs in the past knows that anything that was core or Weisser is in the past has been terrible. This you hear that to say. I have. Yeah. Yeah. No. That was my point. So they kind of beefed it up for apple a seven what part? Yeah. It's seven. What part it has a fan. So it's getting debate heat. So could probably the turbo boost can last longer in my use. And I well I have a system theories about this now. But I at the time I couldn't attributed to the part or the MAC OS that may or may not be more efficient than windows. You know? But I think the new MAC book air works. Great. So I was since then leased actually because I'd like the form factor a lot. Yeah. Since then I've got an HP folio in spectra folio. That's the one that is still leather one wrapped in leather. Yeah. So that computer also uses a wife series part. In fact, is from the same family of processors as the version in the MAC book air now, they don't have a fan based cooling. Right. So there's none of that. It probably can't hit the same. Turbo. Boosts or whatever, you know. It's not a seven one part. But in talking to HP about this. They were like a lot of people like these geek pants..

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