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In Philly, Joey Mac Tang with 94 w I pay. I'm sticking around till 10 o'clock tonight, and it looks like it's gonna be you and I on the phones to wrest it away. I sent Matt Parada text and said, Hey, if the Phillies finish up early enough You don't really have postgame responsibilities because they don't allow you into the clubhouse. There is in social distancing press conference. You gotta get on your computer and do a zoom thing with whoever is going to be available after the game, and I soon will be Joe Girardi. And I don't know about Anybody else But if we get mad on, so be it if we don't That leaves more time for you and I two ways you can be part of the show number one is on the phones to 1559 to 94 94. You know, I leave my Twitter open at all times. If you want to tweet to hell directly do it at Jodi Mac Man J o D Y M A C M A N I give me a tweet. I just got from Pat, which is at Philly Guy underscored, 1979. That's not a bad Twitter handle. Ah, and he commented on the question that I just Ask Bill writer about James Harden and the mask that he wore down in the bubble. According to Pat, So supporting the police is controversial. What a great world in which we live well, it wasn't so much his wearing the mask. That it was his or kill Pat. I should say Ah, it was his comment afterwards. That he was asked about it when he had it on Blue lives matter Mask. And he said, What? Controversial stance. No, I just think it looked cool on me. Well, if you're going to pick out a mess that is making a political statement, and believe me, there are enough of those out there today on all sides, political, social otherwise. Ah sports related. Whatever mask you wanna wear fashion sense masks. That's cool masks like everything else is a personal choice. I wear the regular where until it gets dirty, and then throw it away mask more than anything else That's just made. That's where am I going to? I'm going to shop. Right? I'm going, Teo. Why? I went to the library The other day, They reopened our library year in my town in Marlton for dried by pickup. That was one thing. I never thought I'd see dried by everything these days, including the library, and I got two more books. I can Pick up I just returned a bunch. I too started one and I get two more for me. That I put on reserve probably back in March, and they're just coming back through the library system now, so they're telling me why you're on hold with its even though hold his lasted four months. We now have the book if you'd like to drive by and pick it up. Oh, everybody's making statements with their masks. I don't need to make a statement when I do a drive by at my local library to pick up a book. This was a pretty statement filled mask that James Harden decided to put on And when asked about it, he specifically said. No political statement. I don't know what you're talking about. I just thought the mask look cool. So that's why I grabbed. That's why I wore it. Now it is a big mask. One thing about James Harden. He couldn't wear the mask I wear and I've got a little growth on my kin and I can feel mind rubbing up against the maths. I do not have the massive beard that James Harness so for him to wear a mask, he needs a really big mask, and this is a big mask. Either. He's just not paying close enough to tank attention to what's going on around him. That he didn't notice that where he purchased this mask, Or maybe somebody gave him I don't know that it comes with a message if they pretty Even handed message to see when looking at the mask. We're supposed to believe he just liked the color coded aspect of the mask. That it wasn't so much that it's controversial to wear the mask because a lot of people are wearing masks. Some people might not like the fact that people are wearing the mask. James Harden decided to put on the mask again when asked about it decided. You know, I don't know what you're talking about. It's just good look a mask. I don't look cool. So that's why I ended up wearing it. That was for me. The reason why I brought it up. The controversy that not that he chose to wear the mask that after asked about the mask, he chose to say What He see no evil. Hear no evil, speak no evil That didn't make any sense to me itself. That's why it is a controversial statement. If you want to agree with It's your pact that this is foolish that we are even talking about this. So be it. If you do want to make a statement about James Harden wearing a mask, you believe that he actually knew what he was wearing and I was trying to balance the attack on the police. I don't know. That's open to interpretation and speculation. That's why I have my telephone lines to 1559 to 94 94 Bill writer is on to 76 from bandwagon. If you miss the interview it bill, you can always go back and hear it. The radio dot com APS rewind featured feature You could go back and listen to any interview to spend on the station here. In the last 24 hours and boys We'll get that one up for you, ASAP. Because Billy was on the sex or bandwagon, called them may be the most intriguing team. In the bubble right now. And as bigger reason for that is anything else is the fact that They're making a major positional change. No trades of a courage. There have been a couple of free agent signings around the N B. A At other times and this one included. I'm not going to say it other times it this time. Certain guys.

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