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News radio que L. B. J. on Patrick Osborne this news brought to you by apple leasing Travis county is trying all it can to maintain control over its coronavirus enforcement but I've been Williams account is a very different story county judge bill Gravelle says Austin Travis county just spinning their wheels to county judge has no power to forty over the governor of Texas so to put together a subsequent order would just be a waste of good time and resources of rebels says he'll continue to rely on you to use your common sense hospitalizations have spiked in Travis county but in Williamson County that number has barely been hovering in the double digits for quite some time with the rise in new cove in nineteen cases some are calling it a second wave Dr Charles learner with the Texas medical association says yes it is true that the rate of hospitalizations only about ten percent across the state but he questions how comfortable you might be with those odds in a different scenario what if I gave you a pistol and then had ten chambers and I put a bullet in it would you take a shot at your headquarters is only social distancing and wearing a mask and bring these numbers back down governor Abbott those as Texas still has about fifteen thousand open hospital beds school districts are still looking for clear direction from the Texas education agency on how to craft their budget for the new year and as the calendar moves closer to August no Candelario with the Texas state teachers association says the issue of teacher salaries also needs attention for your graduate forty fifty thousand dollars in debt just to become a teacher and you know you're you're you're gonna start teaching and immediately you're having the pain their student debt before you can even afford a car mortgages fall the Austin school district expects to begin the year with about a fifty million dollar budget gap and if you live in Westlake don't expect to enjoy the annual fireworks celebration for the first time in fifteen years the city says the show will not go on to the Travis county's extended stay home order and let's get a look at your news radio cable BJ radar weather watch mostly sunny for this afternoon high ninety three clear tonight lows seventy one mostly sunny for tomorrow the high Thursday ninety three.

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