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Don't tell hi this is MENA thion nine calling from the infamous Tallahassee trail in Tallahassee Florida Hello Minna Houria. I'm going to say that I find myself and having heard of things but I've never heard heard of the infamous tallahassee trail. What is that something that Donald Trump rented constantly and doesn't exist. Oh I see the that must be disorienting then for you to live on it to the show. It is a pleasure to have you let me introduce you to our panel this week. I A contributor to CBS Sunday morning. It's our friend faith. Sally connects the comedian performing at the theater in wild Lukoil Maui November eighth and ninth. If you need an excuse to go and at Zanies here in Chicago November fourteen through seventeen that's Helen Hall finally it's humorous and would butcher appearing at comics on a mission with weights on Maeve Higgins November sixteenth at the latches theater in Battle Borough Vermont. It's Tombo debt so a minute. I'm going to guess you anticipated this but you're gonNA play. WHO's bill this time. Bill Curtis of course is going to recreate three voices from the week's news. Your job explainer identified two of them do that. You went our prize the voice voice of anyone you might like on your voicemail ready to go all right. You're I quote is from someone who has spent the last week denying that he demanded other countries investigate negate the Biden family China should start an investigation into the Biden's so kind of spilled the beans right right there. Yes very good ever since the now infamous whistle blower report came out last week. The president is an and his defenders have been saying of course. Mr Trump wasn't really pressuring foreign countries to investigate an opponent. He was just concerned with political corruption. He's always been interested in corruption. You could say it's his hobby. They've been trying so hard to sort of cover all this up and he just came out and said it. Did some presidential adviser say we need to go on offense and the president said be offensive. God it's like we haven't heard from the Democrats because they can't accuse him fast enough. It's like a COP pulls over cars. He says you're under arrest repeating. Oh I see you have a beer in your hand. You're under arrest for drinking and driving because Oh you hit me. You're also under arrest resulting officers. It just keeps going my my tail lights out. Also there's a body in the trunk has been a very active time for upping my Emoji game. I know because I used to only use the peach Emoji in exclusively like for sexting and now you know you put the M in the peach each and then the mint leaf next to it and that's hot and then also now I've been using the whistle and like a hairdryer and I'm like Oh yeah it. You're saying it's sort of circling back to sexting excellent. I just see what you do with that. Political eggplant afraid you're going to get your signals cross the next thing you know somebody's thinking that it was a hookup and it was really just the resistance. It's all the same now join join Dan all right here. Is Your next quote. If I had gone to college my Jersey would have been sold all over the place that was Lebron James Reacting to news that college athletes at least in California will soon be able to do what surname for summer jerseys well. That's already have that. It's a question of money for their merchandise. That's exactly right. Make the money. Get endorsement sell merchandise. California has now passed a law that will allow student athletes to earn money from endorsements awesome and higher agents without losing their amateur status starting in twenty twenty three. You can imagine all of them running out to endorsements like hi. I'm Austin Burton quarterback at UCLA CLA and I don't always do Jello shots at Tri Kappa Delta but when I do I prefer Popov's. I think it's a great plan because then those athletes athletes can start paying their parents back for spending five hundred thousand dollars to get them exactly right. It's a way of making making the bribe money back. Laurie Laughlin phones daughter is like yeah. I'm not really in the swim team but if I was I'd use these bathing suits of course the reason the NC double A.'s freaking out about this is California. If they're the only people do this. We'll have an advantage in recruitment over every other state. Why should an athlete go play at say Auburn for free when they can make bank and California so say hello to the twenty twenty three national football champion the Bakersfield College cosmetology the Ice Hockey team. Were they will soon all right. Your last quote is from Bloomberg commenting on a business that declared bankruptcy this week. It looks like it might not be forever so what clothing company turned out not to last in fact forever there's kind of a hint there in twenty one wherever forever twenty one has been a staple in the fast fashion world since the early two thousands thousands but forever twenty one. They declared bankruptcy this week. The store was known for selling clothes that obviously 21-year-olds might wear like Sparkley Tube tops fund graphic t shirts arts and whatever they were the night before just covered in BARF are sparkly barf goodnight exactly I I twenty one was such a right of passage. You could go there and walk out with like fifteen things. I sixty bucks and they would lasts three hours. You look cute for those three hours I it actually it was funny. Because of course people were surprised because it looked like such a thriving business but the company was forced to file for bankruptcy after being put through the washing machine exactly once occurs to me. I bet this played a part and they're going out of business. Business is they. You know vanity. Sizing is right vanities. I am like at Old Navy. Everybody's a negative seven and I love that right. That's why you shop there and forever. Twenty one was forever crushing my self esteem they did. I don't know what you call the opposite vanity sizing. That's true that years right ramp way small reality reality awful shop for reality humiliation right. I mean who would go. It'd be like me going to forever sixty four. I shouldn't say in case. You're panicking out there even though they have declared bankruptcy it's just the classic a reorganization of their debt. The stores will not close and so it's like it's almost encouraging a finally in American company being merely bankrupt instead of morally bankrupt. Ah Do on our quiz did fine. She got finally three right congratulates well gone. We WanNa remind everyone they can join us most weeks right here at the Chase Bank Auditorium Taurean in downtown Chicago Illinois particular more information just go over to WBZ dot org or you can find a link at our website wait dot NPR dot org. I know panel. It's time for a game that we like to call the trump dump some weeks time again some weeks news moves was faster than Mike pompeo erasing old text messages. We're GONNA ask you some true. False questions about the weakened trump rapid fire style. Get it right. You get ready to the plane sure all right Tom. You're up first. Tom True or false on Tuesday. The New York Times reported that Donald Trump had proposed protecting America with an alligator later and snake filled moat true. Yes faith to revolve on Wednesday. Donald Trump responded that the idea that he wanted a moat stuffed with alligators snakes unquote was fake AAC news true false. He said the idea that he wanted a moot was fake. Helen dewar false the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani told her report via text that he was considering bringing a lawsuit trump versus the swamp trill no false who said it was a jaws suit. COM SPELL CHECK COM falls this week the library of Congress cafeteria began serving peach mint chrome geic all true yes faith through faith true or false on Wednesday the president president of the United States tweeted a nickelback meam true. Yes hell and true or false on Thursday. NICKELBACK had that tweet taken down for copyright violation. Yes they never for nickelback before tour false on Tuesday. The New York Times reported that Hunter Biden played a role in getting Congress to investigate trump's relationship with Deutsche bank true. No it's false. They reported that moby played a role in getting congressman. Investigate trump's relationship with Doku Bank faith cure falls reporters scrambled in action this week when the White House press secretary appeared for the first time in two hundred days in the White House briefing room false right reporter scrambled but in mouse fell from the ceiling of the White House briefing White House press secretary did not appear at all. That's it for this week's trump he coming coming up the truth is an.

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Donald Trump, President Trump, California discussed on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

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