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Do you remember when the ATT ladies hugged it out with Raquel and teasha Torres because teasha had been a part of that team. When she of course. Was involved in isn't rolling relationship with Pennington. So she moved to Colorado, but you could tell for that particular fight pantera meaner kicker. Do this do that afterwards? Hey, you know, let's let's let's hang out and be friends. But that's that's the type of situation. This would be it could be that. He just probably didn't want to deal with that answer was. Well, right. Could all right. Time for the debate. I love daily debates. All right. We've kind of been trading on this subject a little bit numb afraid that we're just going to be all over it. So we might as well just deal with it. Now here I our here's the question. Are you worried about T J dillashaw making wait for you have see Brooklyn? Yes, or no what expand goes. I wish there was an option. It's that little, but there isn't some say, no, just because everything they've said everything that's come out of that camp has been so calculated right with science do Trish in all of that. They had already done the test cut before for Dimitrius Johnson. So I think they have an idea of where they need to be granted the shift in the amount of weeks that they've had is a little different now, but TJ was ahead of schedule. So it seems like everything's good. If you look at TD demeanor. He doesn't seem to be tripping on it at all seems in great spirits. I'm gonna go with. No, you're not worried. I'm not worried. I think at the end of the day. He'll get it done. It seems like everything about camp everything that little because who does had. Well, no the question is actually about T J dillashaw. I'm worried a little bit. So I have to go with. Yes. Because I think one to ten percent is still. Yes. But but I'm trying to block it and just rely on the fact that dillashaw is camp are very professional these. That's the way they've always appeared to me. So I'm being optimistic. But but I can't lie. I am view. A man. That's why these questions, you know, what's going to happen. Should pseudo. Fight percent. Could be anyone though. Right. You would feel that way for anyone. Yeah. It's a little it's a little for me. How about you? Then I'm gonna go ahead. And I don't want to tip tip tip the hand of the results. But to bring a debate into what I'm going to have to I'm going to go against anybody. Who when it gets? No. And I'll let George here tell you. How many of you did it because if we're going to I think even people who aren't having like, wait, wait cutting top of the totem pole. Maybe they have fighter pay above what the sport needs above it. Maybe they have a other issues trades or whatever find that's fair. But even the critics of weight, cutting the people who poop who it have to admit that it is an issue, and it is on the table. So if you're voting no for the question, it says, are you worried about T J dillashaw, I feel like if you say no to this question. You were saying that weight cutting is not an issue because if we're not now in my up at night all worried about T J dillashaw praying and that mean where you know, the guy in the girl in the bed and the pillow. No, that's not me. But I m voting. Yes. Because if we're not gonna worry about a high profile match on the debut ESPN a champion going against another champion, a high level fighter making a way cut. He's never made before in the age of social media where we can see him drawn out on the way there. We have a history about weight cutting in both this sport at other combat sports, and this isn't enough to worry. Now. I think he's gonna make wait I'm picking him to win..

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