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For quite some time. Yeah, she lived out in the shed. And, she left you yes that's correct What. What what happened there she still truth. Nothing really still friends with another person she left, you for another man. Or person research and she's worse off how do? You figure that was she live in what is she? Living, if she's worse off than. You well she she's in the woods also some other guys living? In, the woods and. She's living there yeah woods living groupie she goes from guy to guy that lives? In, the woods Yeah Of woods? Livers Well this is a lot of people that live out here in Brockton In the. Woods, and everyone's they'd be surprised at some of the populous of Brockton We begin the. Woods someone you're walking around an idea run into Strother strange dudes, in the woods I wearing him knows where I am Do you worry about No Horror movie kind of things with kids coming in hassling you and. Stuff I know. There's been some slight situations but usually they they know who I am it's kinda like Big, bed John's it'll, it'll come into somebody's camp. Unless you're welcome Wow so It's interesting interesting. To me I wonder what really is the cause of you being? Out there I know you say you just don't, like people but I think it's. Something. Else On there and, I don't know what it is Made money on the house Life only You know she ended up cheating on me Just kinda through? That and? How will? It you, know what what pardon my language You? Just said You know just Start making money got rid of the housekeeper, gave her everything and, I just, said you, know Step off the, off the map I'm, good man Even the dream. Off, the grid regular kind of Henry, David Theroux yeah when I get, to my winter I've been through two thousand five. But. Then, so, every winter was, not a problem nice hey listen. I, gotta go, but. We'll we'll continue, the soon okay thank you John it's WBZ we. It's four thirty And after the news I'll tell you I'll give you the deal on how hot it's going, to, be the next couple of days on WBZ News Radio. Ten thirty CBS news update a strong earthquake struck the Indonesian tourist island of, Lombok killing at least ninety one. People, and shaking.

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