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Call one eight hundred gambling all right to speak in a few weeks What is the. You're gonna miss the most about mark view. And what is the thing you miss. The least from being gone for market i mean in the most there was so many things i mean him and i had obviously a new york with the guy for twenty two years so there was a lot of communication with no communication if you need so we were able to co coexist and i was able to serve him and work for him and obviously we had a great chemistry. And you know. I'm gonna miss that. Is i think we had a. It was a great one two punch you know end up in and i love being the number to dive for him You know i mean honest here beyond the not miss deal. I mean it'll be really interested to see his inference on me. The not miss deals at least now. I'm gonna know. I have some control over the day to day schedule. I mean you don't know how many times i've been gone again. We're practicing at two o'clock. It's one fifty nine. My phone with rainey's aid is the guy she for twenty minutes all those days. Whatever it a lot of known say so. We'll see i. You know best with my staff on the schedule like he messed with us on a daily basis but but it was all all fund i mean. I'm i'm sad that you know at least for now. You know we won't be doing it together. But i'm thankful for the time we had. I'm thankful for him. Taking a chance on a nobody. I'm thankful for him to prepare for this opportunity. So for those. Who don't know a lot about you. What what what are they going to get in tucson. What are they gonna get. 'cause i tell people here's how i describe. You is your competitive as hell on the court. I've seen it with my own eyes. I've heard it but when you get you off the court. And i even said this. I texted you this. I think last night i said be loose. Bu 'cause you make people will see that now when when they watch this. But i don't think a lot of people see that from you when they're watching a game same thing with viewing like. I don't think many.

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