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Alarming video as well over the break. Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber parents of Kaya Gerber outside ride. Her apartment looked like they were having a very tense conversation. Kyle a Pete Davidson. The whole thing does not look good. Good does not look and they look very worried. Yes what I picked up from watching this video. Is that rainy. and Cindy they were not fighting the were figuring out how to help Kaya and possibly how to help Pete because it seemed like Randy was describing Pete's reaction to something and Pete freaking now he was like his is he was describing Pete and Pete was acting and they were frantically trying. It seemed like maybe call and I I early trying to get into the apartment yeah It doesn't seem like it was something good is definitely something something bad happen. I think what probably happened was P was probably there with Kaya. Maybe something happen him. I don't know if it was drug wise. They were just worried about something something on. SNL He then made a joke and said he is going on and take your phone at a cost one hundred thousand dollars. Yeah so to me. That's that's you know. He's going to rehab maybe he. Maybe because I think that's what they would do there and that also was right after after the whole video that Simonian Randy having this intense conversation outside of Kaiser permanent it seemed like they something was going on upstairs. That was not good and they needed to take care of it. So e Ro this whole article about it you know. They Scott says why Kayaker parents are stepping in to help Davidson they row according according to a source. Close to Cindy Crawford. It's been a very stressful. And concerning few days that was after page six published the video of them outside her apartment they wrote. It's unclear. What issues if any are occurring in the couple's relationship but the source reveals that Sydney and Randy are taking on an active role in this situation? Sydney Randy wanted to be there for kyw. Hi and supportive of her. They are very involved in loving parents and they would do anything for her. They stepped in to try and guide her and to help through a difficult time. The source hints that the the Model Family is trying to be a support system for Pete since they see how quote troubled he is and how much he is. Struggling the insider ads. They tried to intervene and offer for what they could. It's been upsetting for and for them to see their daughter dealing with something so serious Since that happened they mentioned the SNL joke everything The source says that they are going to continue to support especially since they know. They can't choose her their daughter dates or controller situation. Their only choice is to support her and help guide her through this. They are just thinking about getting better nothing beyond that so if they are stepping in to help heat then makes a a rehab. Joe Oh gone on S. and L.. Maybe guys parents are helping with that. It's possible and then Kyle was seen with Cindy flying I'm like days after that as well. So she's not in New York any longer so it seems like something must happen with Pete. They were alarmed. They're stepping in now. They want to help kyw. They WANNA help appea- clearly see that he's having trouble. They feel bad. That Kaya is now in this relationship or she needs to help heat because he's relying on her and and she probably who knows if it's going to be the end of them or not because I think once your parents step in and there's this big problem will be interesting to see if she stays with him because yeah I feel like Cindy and Randy or no. Let's get him some help. And then you're done with this. You don't want this to happen again which I feel bad because it seems like Pete just has these problems that keep keep coming up and try to get help and then it's bad and it's good and bad phil bad for P.. I agree although we don't know the circumstances so kounose what was happening but either way seems like you need some help and I hope that And hope that you know all these reports are true. Oh and that Kai's parents do supporter and I feel like they do. They've always been very. I feel like a.

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