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He was, you know, he was able to take a lot of guys down and hold him down and ground, Uptown he's not taking me down my cardio is completely different. You know I've never been taken off the UFC Octagon so he's not going to be the first. So, you know, during the same. His striking was very, you know, very basic, you know, very kindergarten. He didn't have a lot of tricks, he just had that really good job but that's pretty easy to counter if if you're moving your head and and you use it footwork. So, you know, I think Georgia State there would have been a very extremely easy fight for me and he was ahead of his time. He was just, you know, there was a lot of guys that time that took one dimensional Theory. Either Strikers are they were, they were wrestlers but they weren't good at blending. Both to say when you, when you be back to Woodley, when you beat would lie and you know you beat him all five rounds, it was. To watch at the grounds Adam. He finished he quit, he quit right before he he popped the river. Something doesn't happen at the end. I broke it when I kicked it off. Wanted to shake your hand. Even a materials you want and you were like, I want none of that. I mean you beat the guy. He does have both great athletes both really great people. I know both your personal. Can you just shook his hand been like all right man I could fight. Adam ask him ask him. What happened backstage, you know ask him what happened backstage. Hello. What happened backstage? Pub know. You know, we had our little, we had a moment, you know, we talked we we figured it out, but when I'm in the Octagon man, I'm not there to make friends at him. I'm there to make money and it's not personal. It's just thought that guy's coming to kill me. I'm coming to kill them. So, you know, it's just business at the end of the day. I don't, I'm not trying to be friends with you. I'm not trying to shake your hand, not I don't want any of this nice shit. That's not what the fans, pay their hard-earned money, to see us, I'm here for violence, and I'm here to deliver, and I'm not there to make friends. So, you know, I'm not shaking, nobody, and what I'm in the Octagon, even after you beat the guys, Even after I put in my, on to the next order of business on to my title fight, I'm going to go celebrate and enjoy my time with my, with my team. But when the cameras are still on and the fans are still watching, why would I would act like I'm friends with some, you know, these are fake. Be sad. Mm, like, most of these guys, they manufacture these beats. There's a real Beast, man. These fights that these, you know, these these fights that I get, you know, with Woodley with who's man with with other thing that I saw, you know, these are real beef isn't manufactured. So you know there's not any friends with the end of the day when you take a fight with myself at all because a beep, did you a piece of them when you take a fight with them? It was we were trying to fight after the would be fight. Dana was begging him to fight me. He was like, dude, I'll pay two million dollars. I'll give you the ultimate fighter kick, I'll do anything my son Street Judas too fragile. Guy Mazda. Does not wanna fight me. He will never sign a contract to fight me, and that's just fax, man..

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