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Is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. President Trump is expected to lay out a new immigration plan today, NPR's learned as policy will rely less on family reunification, instead, it intends to emphasize merit such as work skills, education, levels, and language, proficiency. That would mean fewer family members and asylum seekers would be permitted to enter the US. The Missouri Senate has approved legislation criminalizing most abortions in that state after eight weeks of pregnancy. Saint Louis public radio's Rachel Lipman reports it puts Missouri closer to other states that are restricting the procedure Missouri's new abortion legislation includes no exceptions for Raper incested also bans all abortions because of race gender or a down syndrome diagnosis. It's still needs final approval from the state house to go to Republican governor Mike parson, who is eager to sign the measure as other states like New York and Virginia venture further away from the American. Ideal to protect and uphold right to live. I am honored to lead a state permitted to standing up for those without a voice the twenty four to ten vote came after hours of negotiations with Senate Democrats, a move that angered some conservative Republicans for NPR news. I'm Rachel in Jefferson City on Wednesday. Alabama's governor signed a Bill outlawing all abortions except when the mother's life is in danger. The Chinese government says it strongly opposes the unilateral sanctions. The US has placed on Chinese telecommunications, giant, hallway NPR's, rob Schmitz reports what asked about the Trump administration restrictions on his spokesman for China's foreign ministry said, China, poses, other countries imposing unilateral sanctions on Chinese entities in a statement to state media, while he said, the US restricting the company wouldn't make it safer or stronger. Instead, the statement read it would only make the US leg behind other countries in building five G networks. President Trump moved on Wednesday to ban US. Telecommunications firms from installing foreign made equipment that could pose a threat to national security, stepping up battle against China, by effectively barring sales by hallway, the country's leading networking company, rob Schmitz, NPR news. Shanghai, New York City, mayor Bill Blasi out says he will run for the democratic presidential nomination in twenty twenty I'm.

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