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He was fantastic this year to do a great job of kroner worth a young rookie that they have. He's a really special player. They did a good job picking up tranq Grissom. I've always been a Tommy Sam fan. I really like him a lot. So you sit there and you look at that lineup in there pretty dynamic. I am worried kind of what you were just talking about how they they might be able to advance. I just don't know how they make a run. If they don't get lament and or Clevant, you're back. That's asking a lot of the team. To be able to pull that off in the first room manager asked yesterday. Who's your started of artist? I don't know yet. That's been right now. But the offenses dynamic defense is good. And I think for Padre fans about what happens this year, you're going to get bounced. You're getting a glimpse of what should be happening over the next five years makes it absolutely they will make a run of the title. He was the night pick over on the 94, draft broadcaster for the Rangers are host on MLB radio. C J. I got to say, man, if you do a 45 minute ride and you're still thinking I've got morning me. I want to get back on that thing. I'm really impressed. You double dipping on the pellet, Honza Strong move. Well, you know what it was. There's a nice even worked out in the morning and 1919, but like an earlier like three o'clock game, it's like any mom would still plenty right. Kind of felt like crap. I need a little bit too much of the press. Possum was only knocked out 20 minutes and then I slept like a baby afterwards. So I'm like I pretended to two days off, and I don't and I don't have access to a bike right now. From where I'm gonna put on more weight eating journeys postseason Once that thing gets here, November man on back at it. I see it working season. Thank you so much. Great to have you back on the show. Appreciate you. Yeah, Great, because C. J. Nitkowski. He is so good. He is so smooth is an analyst. On. He's taking it pretty seriously. I can't stress that enough and again when I talk about the pellet on, I had my palate on long before we had any kind of relationship on the podcast of the program, So I am a disciple. I'm a believer. If you hit that thing, and I was a competitive athlete, I know how competitive he is now hard. He works if you hit that thing hard for 45 minutes, and then you get off that you think you know what I want to run that back..

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