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Westbound ninety one at Tustin four four cars. Fortunately, they're clearing. Two lanes are clearing out over to the right shoulder already. But going to find a backup here coming away from it looks like a just about lemon over towards the six zero five orange is fine. Getting around that annoying stretch. Eastbound the struggles away from the one ten through the seven ten will be the worst of it. But even still going between the gas and the brake pedal east of there almost the whole way towards the five freeway. The eastbound side of the twenty two is getting pretty rough. And there is a stall eastbound twenty two at harbor in the center divider siege actually coming in with a traffic break. We'll have to hold all lanes so backs up from Euclid getting into the crush. And then the four or five is pretty rough both sides of the four or five getting through Irvine. The worst stretch will be northbound from the fifty five up to just about beach boulevard. And now a crash in Tustin Brian has the five jam Cam. It's going to be in our northbound side of the five right at the fifty five to motorcycles actually got into. It may have another car involved injuries. Carpool lane taken away adding to already slow drive now. North five just basically off the why off that split there. You're going to be heavy past the crash crash. Another patches slowing north five making your way up to ball road. And we have a wreck as you get your way through Glendale east thirty four at Harvey drive. The right lane is down for the count. And starting to see that would drive back up coming away from pass avenue all the way over towards the to visit Fritz Ford now for their end of the yourself Thon dealer incentives on twenty eighteen models means low payments for you, see Nick, naked Fritz Ford and riverside or go to Fritz four dot com. Fritz Ford won't be beat end of story. Next report's at three fifty five. With more reports. More often, I'm Desmond Sean the spectrum twenty four hour traffic center. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio cooling trend on the way for your.

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