Basketball, Rick Berry, Lebron discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


Players but they're they're top shelf people as well she got top shelf people skilled basketball players team basketball and you're gonna put this team down if anything they should point to this team as the example of what they want to see from other teams around the league we almost got the rockets in the finals the rockets play the ugliest brain ball and all of basketball i so ball for twenty two seconds and then harden hoists from thirty feet out i mean that's that's honest that's on appetizing to watch in my opinion ed chris and just on on skip here go back to when he was was working filling in here and doing things that can be are i would walk down to the car with them come up with him nice guy back actually pretty quiet but you know he didn't was still trying to get in there and do something with rick berry but so he wasn't bragging do any of that stuff but he's got his stick that works but it's over the top tiffany in many rips lebron's lebron not that good lebron doesn't play defense lebron chokes that's that everybody's talking about we got a text here from the nine to five everybody's pointing the finger at curry for his shimmy or whatever this is six five hundred ninety five says lebron put his goods and dream ons face that's way worse than the curry shimmy heck you can make an argument without that teabag he doesn't have a ring in doesn't have a third ring i should say is a ring in cleveland so i mean to me that that was that was that was.

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