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Talk about impeachment rich. There's there's an article in the New York Times This week about an emerging defense that House Republicans are talking about I as it becomes clearer that there was some some sort of quid pro quo here around Ukraine Bass Gordon. Sunland has changed his mind. He refreshed his recollection and said. Oh Yeah I did. I did tell the Ukrainians that they would have to make this public statement about investigating the Biden's in order to get the release of the military aid and so Republicans are talking about the possibility of saying essentially that these guys were freelancing. Yes somehow a message got to the Ukrainians that there was this quid pro quo that but maybe trump never authorized them to send that message. Maybe he didn't want to want to. After trump specifically denied Senator Ron Johnson that he had had proposed a quid pro quo and especially in the case of Rudy Giuliani. Maybe he was even acting for his own independent financial interests. All these business interests in Ukraine. Maybe he was using his position in close to the president to push his own agenda. And that's where this quid pro quo idea came from and the president is innocent. And I think in that context it's worth considering a tweet that Rudy Guiliani said at this week that looks outwardly. Like defense of the president. But I'm not sure it is. He says the investigation I conducted concerning 2016 Ukrainian collusion corruption was done solely as a defense attorney to defend defend my client against false charges unquote. So is it a viable defense of the president to basically through Guiliani under the bus. And say you know whatever. These people did. The president authorize them to do that. Because it certainly sounds like Giuliani is going to say no. I did this in my capacity as the president's agent. Yes I say a couple of things one. You know there's a glimmer of an opening for this defense offense because most of the people we've heard from so far is really almost all the people we've heard from so far had what trump was thinking second or third hand because they weren't the an insider's which is more Bolton Mulvaney Giuliani and it's entirely plausible. That Giuliani an important respects was freelancing but I think that would have to do more with his business dealings in Ukraine. So it's just hard to believe that that these guys got this cooked up this idea on on their own own and how. How did the defense get withheld? Gordon silent that too and trump mentioned on the call talk to Rudy. Which again is an indication occasion that he and Rudy are are on the on the same board on this so a month ago When it was still pretty early I had a theory? That in my defense I offered tentatively I believe that maybe there was the intention of quid pro quo and it never really got to the Ukrainian clear. At least it got to the Ukrainians and I still. I know you're skeptic. Josh asked by so I think the Defense Republicans will end up falling back on. is they got the money. And they didn't make a statement about investigations. We'll soon bill. This is the. This is the sideshow Bob Defense. You know the attempted murder. There's no there's no Nobel prize for attempted chemistry right But that in the simpsons. That's a joke like you know is it. Is it really good enough to say so. You know the president didn't get away with it and therefore no harm no foul. Yeah I think a fifth grader recognize just how paper thin excuses is is. You know won't get you very far in in the real world and we'll get you very far year It's it's not an excuse at all right. Of course the the the point is in the attempt and I agree with what rich rich late. I mean these The excuse the freelancing excuse you know this is each week there's a new sort of angle right and they all kind of keep falling down one after another in large part because of stuff.

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