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It's just an amazing congressman jim and it's a great question the biggest reason why it's so difficult we had a salary cap in the league to and if you look at the organizational losses from the second cup team last year steam and nick benino playing in nashville matt colin playing in minnesota trevor daily signing with the detroit ron haines playing in toronto marc andre flirty dina goaltender and so popular and pittsburgh being the goaltender in las vegas i mean those are major major chris kunitz longtime thing when now being a member of the tampa bay lightning those are six major losses from their organization jim and they found a way to plug in young players so their scouting department's a good job they found a way to put it in established players like derek for sar and riley sheahan in trade so they're pro scouting people are doing a great job so all in all it's just magnificently run organization mcguire nhl analyst for nbc sports joins us you in the jungle you'd also working the boston toronto series and boston has outscored swallowed twelve to four in the first two games with their top line accounting for twenty points how dangerous is that group right now they're very dangerous but this is a different kind of an equation now they're coming into toronto and and i just manager jim because there's terrible weather in the east coast i just landed here and everywhere i went once i got downtown try but he's talking about the lease so it's not just boston coming here to play game three against the toronto maple acer basically playing game three against the entire city of toronto and maybe the whole province ontario i mean it's just bad intense you know but boston's very good there wa coach bruce cassidy they're young coach has done a great job with them but i think the biggest thing is danni sweeney their general manager cam nealy the president gymnasts nominal vision and they decided to transition their roster few years ago and they went young and they went skillful and they went fast and when you put those three things together especially with the coaching that they have it leads to a real promising program and that's exactly what the bruins have right now and we're talking to peter maguire pierre.

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