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KIM, Hercules, Macarthur Maze discussed on KCBS Radio Morning News


Mall at one point police say they called union city public works in the Alameda county fire department to fill barricades with water and use them to limit entry and exit points into into the union landing shopping mall just ahead on KCBS well we'll take a closer look at these curfew orders from the eyes of people who have seen this kind of turmoil before right now PCS first for traffic it's Kim in your local Honda dealers traffic center all right we did learn about the slow spot we've been talking about stand westbound interstate eighty coming down from Hercules in the panels actually starting to move a bit better this report brought you by DuckDuckGo privacy we heard from the KCBS phone force that between willow and highway four on west eighty there was a single car was a stall in the left lane or actually maybe a spin out facing the wrong way with a vehicle off to the shoulder there too so there's been an accident and a stall in the area and it looks like they may have pulled it out of lanes completely now because the backup we talked about last time is just a little bit the sluggish traffic we're getting word of a stall in the macarthur maze and it looks like it's affecting the ramp that comes down from Emeryville into Oakland so westbound eighty making the transition the east five eighty so you're going on to the macarthur freeway right there it looks like a V. call has conked out and it's blocking the slow lane so that's why the backup in the Emeryville from right around Powell street the bay bridge back up if you're continuing on west eighty is just from the eight eighty over crossing out of the tolls that's behind the metering lights which were activated earlier this morning also sing a little slow patch on the westbound side of five eighty coming off a golf links out towards Keller no accidents or stalls reported there at least not yet and of course if you see anything feel free to call our KCBS phone force line.

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